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Squat Form Check


Today's squats. Just looking for some feedback. Don't think they are to depth, so I need to work on that. All criticism welcome!


hard to see much of anything besides the plates...with the angle of the camera the plates cover 90% of you...




work on your walk outs with an empty bar or light weight. Unrack the weight then one step back for each foot, then go. You'll waste a lot of energy wiggling your feet getting them "just right"- not that you spent a lot of time on that ut you did do a little dancing..lol. Maybe keep your chest up little bit more. Put something under your ass like a step from the jazzercise room so that you touch it for a depth check, not a box squat just a light touch to keep the depth you choose honest.

probably the most important tip...use the other side of the rack. Staring at the wall or even worse a mirror is no fun. Put the j hooks on the other side and squat.

search for "wall squat" on youtube. That'll help with your form. hope this helps


I'll work on getting better angles new to this, don't know where to record from. And the other direction is a mirror that screws me up, the way I'm looking is out of a window. Don't know which is worse


Film from the side at about the same level a ref would be sitting at to judge depth. That's the only way to really tell whether squats are to depth (hip crease dipping below top of knee). If you're filming from above, in front, or behind, it's really guesswork.