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Squat Form Check


I realize that there are countless numbers of these posted all the time so I hope you won't mind another.

I've been lifting seriously for almost a year now and I've never really had people correct any problems with my form so I'd like you guys to take a look at it.

I do realize that form will change with weight so I'll try to get a video up going up to 225 or 245. I won't be able to get that until probably Tuesday though so this will have to work for now.

Any pointers, tips, and criticisms are appreciated.


Nobody has anything for me?


You're leaning forward a lot and seem to have a lot of movement in your lumbar region, this is a recipe for a trashed back. Really focus on keeping your back tight and locked in place from your ass to your neck, there should be almost no movement in your lumbar spine.


not too bad, lets see some weight


Thanks atg. Caveman, I'll get that up asap.


x2 on the back. You're way too bent over. You need to learn how to sit down properly, without bending your back that much, but a video showing your normal weight on the bar would show the more common stance and technique you use when you squat with actual weights on.
If flexibility is an issue, you might want to improve by doing mobility work, lower back stretches.


A point worth making is that some weight on the bar may force you to tighten up your form and correct some of these issues, just don't go nuts and if you feel dangerously unstable take it back a notch.


Weight on the bar exposes form flaws that do not show up with less weight. A "form check" video should be 1 rep with 90-95% of your 1rm, IMO. A true 1rm will always look ugly, but less than 90% will not expose flaws in many cases.


Yeah, that's why I'm going to get a video up tomorrow or Tuesday showing me with weight.


Posting to subscribe on this thread. It'll be interesting to see your true form.


Well yes and no IMHO. I mean, it needs to strenuous but I don't think it has to be a true heavy single. Case in point, you can learn a lot of things from watching someone do a hard set of 8, because typically the things that give out first as fatigue sets in are the weak ones. Any heavy triple would probably do too...I'm of the opinion that unless you're really really efficient at the squat, most beginners/intermediates form will vary from rep to rep, some being better than others. So multiple reps help to get a sense of the "average" form, for lack of a better word.

Also if you're unused to heavy singles then 90% 1 RM could be just ugly anyways :slight_smile:

my .02


Sorry I couldn't manage a video today. I'll be able to do it tomorrow for sure.