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Squat Form Check

Yes the video is dark, yes it’s only 275 and that’s my max and there is nothing I can do about the light

keep your chest up higher, and when you come out of the hole, arch your back as hard as possible and activate the back before the legs, that might help…sorry if its a bad exsplanation

Lol it is a little hard to understand, however I will try to arch my back more if possible. I have bad flexibility in my hips so having to low bar it as not to lean to forward

dungeon and converse, you’ll be huge in no time! HYOOGE

[quote]ALKoHoLiK wrote:
Lol it is a little hard to understand, however I will try to arch my back more if possible. I have bad flexibility in my hips so having to low bar it as not to lean to forward[/quote]

stretch more, especially glutes and hams. try getting down into the squat position on a daily basis, twice a day for 30 seconds or so. it’ll help more than you think.

noticed you had some trouble deep in the hole, but got a little bounce at the top, you might try pausing your squats at the bottom, even using a box (be smooth, don’t bounce and save your back!)

If you sit for a good period of time you probably have tight hip flexors, lengthened and inhibited glutes, and possibly a weak core.

Honestly, I don’t know why thirdnalga thinks you should stretch your glutes… most people who sit have lengthened and inhibited glutes. I for one do not want to stretch a lengthened and inhibited muscle… You should definitely foam roll your glutes however, and if your piriformis muscles are tight, stretch those out (a good way to tell is seeing if you have some difficulty keeping your knees out, and pain in the lateral part of the hip when squatting ass-to-calves with a wide stance).

The video was too dark to tell if you had any back rounding going on, but if you do, then do a LOT of spine stabilization core work (rollouts, weighted planks, side planks, pallof isometrics). I wouldn’t be surprised if you DO have some rounding going on, because poor hip mobility causes forced spinal motion as a compensation for lost mobility. If you ARE rounding, it’s putting increased forces on your lower back that can cause pain and injury, and also making the force transfer between your lower and upper body less efficient. The point? Squatting properly is ESSENTIAL to lifting heavy weight.

Also, people with bad hip mobility often tend to have poor glute recruitment because their short hip flexors pull their pelvis down anteriorally in the front and contribute to the lengthening of the gluteals. If your glute recruitment isn’t up to par, then do a lot of planks, hip thrusts, x-band walks, single-leg hip thrusts, kneeling squats, etc. Exercises that involve extending the hips with bent knees allow maximal loading of the glutes.

In fact, just type Mike Robertson in the search bar. His articles will help you fix your hip problems.

Your squat will not go ANYWHERE if you don’t fix your hip issues. I can promise you that.

I recommended it because it worked for me, i was much more comfortable down deep, and it seemed to decrease the “butt wink” lower back rounding.

I thought the squat looked good.

Yeah, i don’t think there was that much trouble.

If you watch your feet when you come to the top you come up onto your toes as if you’re jumping. This is both good and problematic. You are producing enough force to accelerate yourself up, but it looks like you’re also coming forward a little bit. I would recommend box squatting for you big time, not just b/c I love em, but b/c they work. Start with a high box and learn to sit back hard, you come forward with the knees which isn’t bad, but it looks like you have a moderate to wide stance (hard to tell) so sitting back more would be prudent.

Also, you should work on some more abdominal and low back work, as you are rather shakey on the walkout and holding the bar at the top before starting. Breathe into the belt more (think you’re wearing one but hard to tell). Some dynamic effort work might help your speed out of the hole too, and I love paused squats too, I’ve used both and feel they’re both excellent choices. I feel actual speed squats are more of a main movement, whereas paused squats are supplemental, but to each their own.

Good luck, you’ve got the right attitude, balls out in the basement, lace up the chucks and go!

Good luck to you, stay strong and God Bless.

knees little wobbly on the way up and dont shift your feet around in the hole or when you come up, get set, maintain position and then squat, come up and then rack it