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Squat Form Check

Ive been squating for a little while but have never had my form check by anyone other then myself. This is my first time recording myself, I know i need to get lower (trying to get more flexible have tight hip flexores), i also notice that my lower back is arched on my last few reps especially.

What else is bad about my form?

It looks like you’re leaning forward a bit, focus on sitting back and pushing through your heels as opposed to the balls of your feet.

Seems to be above parallel also…
And think of driving up with your hips.

Yes you need to go lower, do a lot of warmup before squatting. Might also need to lower the weight to work on depth too.

i will dropped the weight back down and work on going lower, any sugestions of good ways to loosen up my hip flexors because they seem to be whats holding back my flexibility.

Im also thinking of trying box squats so that i can physically feel when im down low enough, is this s good idea?


I’d just try to go as low as you can physically go. You might wanna go really light for that.

to go deeper you have to do squat stretche because its a hip felxability issue.
Also check out Coach Rippetoes stuff (articles and youtube)
I squat stretch everday and until i did i had a problem going deep as well
Good luck

Actually, test to see if it’s actual flexibility (which it might be) or stability issues.

Lay on your back and bring your knees up to your chest (don’t use your arms to pull them). Flex your toes towards your head.

Think about this angle and how it would be while squatting. If it’s lower than you are squatting, then you have the flexibility, you lack ‘stability’. If you can’t get those knees very high, the yep, flexibility is your issue.

There are some good articles on squatting flexibility vs. stability on this site.

Also, as people said, definitely warm up. Warm up with whatever you normally use, plus some hip flexor dynamic stretching, as well as some bodyweight and low weight squats.

Focus on getting the TOP of your thigh to at least parallel (lower is better), then you can work on other form points and more weight.

Its really not that bad. Could be a bit deeper, and DONT do a calf raise at the top.

High like a kite. Above posters have good suggestions for fixing.

Also, back out of the hooks with the bar. You’re axing for trouble walking forward like that, even with a bro spotting you.