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Squat Form Check

Hi guys,

Short intro, lurked for a while before registering, not sure what year group I’m batched up in so :(.

I’m 18, started this year at 58kg (last year 52kg), bulking until at least 80kg, at a huge height of 5’5 :).

Currently I’m at 65kg, only nailing down my diet recently ~4-5 months ago…and its more of eating enough to grow :). On Starting strength because I like squatting 3x a week, although I rotate 3x3 with 3x5 for squatting…simply because it worked for me last semester and I enjoy it more (I work out at my university gym).


Bench - 72.5kg - 3x5
Squat - 92.5kg - 3x5 (last week)
Deadlift - 105kg - 1x3 (Can do more, but I’d rather not overtax my lower back from squatting… still not accustomed to squatting this much.)

Critique please on the squat form, warning though, might need to break your neck to see this, mobile was lying sideways (only way to take video at the moment :frowning: )

Thank in advance for everything :).

You’re sitting back and you’re getting enough depth. I say your squat form is good.

Hehe, nearly 50 views and 1 reply lol.

Thanks, if anyone has some cues to use for a power snatch, as I’m still learning this movement…?

p.s, Bulking is fun :slight_smile:

PM the guys in the Oly-lifting thread. It’s either in Strength Sports or it’s a Training log (last one was Koing’s, I think). They’ll tell you to get an oly-lifting coach to teach you the Power-snatch, but if you press them, they’ll probably give you as good cues as you’re going to get for free.

As for me, I used these to teach myself the snatch:

  1. Start with hips somewhere between knees and shoulders (on a vertical plane). Bar rests over balls of foot. Hands grip bar, face forward.

  2. Shoulders and hips rise at the same rate. Which is to say, back keeps the same angle on the first pull, until the bar is at the knees.

  3. Scoop the bar towards yourself (which means let it drift towards you a bit. It’s not complicated, you just give it a little swing toward you to help set up the leverage for your second pull). The bar may or may not touch you, but if it does, it should touch right above the kneecap on your thigh. I used to have bruises from violent impacts with the bar.

  4. Triple extension. Hips swing forward, traps jerk up, legs straighten. Should feel a lot like jumping… a bar with weight.

  5. Catch overhead. Repeat (or don’t).

Youtube videos also come recommended. Especially Tommy Kono’s teaching videos.

Thanks for the tips, will check out the Tommy’s videos in a little bit :).

I think I’ll harrass the others if i cant get this down properly :).