Squat Form Check

I dont want to bash them, since they are proud of being one of the best as far as results are concerned, but this video kinda made me wonder.

The form is pretty bad actually. Her back is round, and she locks out her knees at the top of the motion. Bad ju ju, for both her back, and her knees. This is a good video to show somebody how NOT to do a squat.

ugh, God. I just watched it again, the way her knees snap back when she locks out, geez, that is not good for your joints.

The back is obviously f’d. forget about the squats themselves, just look at how so racks and unracks the weight.
also not low enough… not quite a 1/4 squat but not parallel.

only watched 30 secs but she looks a little too bent over, anyways…fuck it if she gets results, the weight doesn’t seem enough to hurt her, if she goes heavy she’ll likely die.




words escape me for how bad that looks

that was bad. no question about it.

Im telling you guys, the moment I watched this video the first time, I cringed from the bad form, and that gym promoting that squat form boasts of very “incredible” results. I just wish I could tell the “expert” that told her to squat like that to talk to the coaches in this forum

How the hell is she a coach? She’s brutal