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Squat Form Check


Im mainly concerned about depth, but if there is anything else wrong please tell me.


the only glaring issue i see is that all that crap may fall in on you and the authorities wouldn't find your body until the stink got really bad:)

as for the squat-

it actually looks pretty good. i would suggest taking a bit wider stance, turn the feet out a bit and really force the knees out throughout the movement. your knees are rolling out over your toes some. elbows look pretty good though.


i've put a band around my knees during my warm-up sets to emphasize the pushing the knees out. it definitely makes a world of difference.

good looking though!


haha yea, we had to cram everything together to get the rack in there.

And I definitley will take that wider stance, thanks.


Looks good to me. If u want to stick with parallel & move big weights do what maraudermeat says. Other than that, it looks like u can easely go atg.


Those squats probably wouldn't have been okayed by the judges at a PL meet in my country at least. You're barely parallel squatting. But if you feel that this range of motion gives you the sort of muscle recruitment that you strive for, then go ahead. If it was me, I would add some depth though. I prefer to always use a depth where I know for certain that I would get white-flagged. Hence, I always break parallel and then some.


Just be aware that you start squatting a littler higher as the reps go on. The first one was at good depth. the last two probably would have been called at a meet. I see this phenomenon all the time. If it is really important to you, setup a box(or stack of books or whatever) and just use it for touch and go to make sure you always hit the same depth every rep.