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Squat Form Check


atg 135 lbs 3 reps

Done today followed by working up to a successful 3RM of 365 lbs after a 2 week hiatus from squatting.
Advice? Criticism?


you stay in the hole too long and those werent even atg; atg is well below 90 u look to be at exactly 90


What the hell is going on here?
Your depth is all over the place, short sets and short rest periods, flexing and extending your back throughout the rep, hips rising before torso, heeled shoes, what the fuck...

I never thought I'd say this, but...

Get thee out of the squat rack woman...

and learn to squat with your bodyweight first.


I'm curious to see a 2nd video of you doing 365.


There's no point in checking form with bitch weight, dude.

Form will never break down with light weight, it starts to break down when it gets hard.

That's when you need people looking at your form and giving you verbal cues to fix it.


I stayed in the hole for a one count intentionally. I thought I'd be able to judge bottom position better this way. I just ended up losing tension and bouncing.

It was actually beyond atg. I literally lowered the weight as low as I could go without falling backwards. You'll notice my shins drift backwards at that point. My toes started to come up but you can't see that in the vid. I went in and out of flexion once my hams hit my calves because I dropped too quick I think.

My feet are at between 30-45 degrees out and my legs and knees track similarly. The camera is also sitting on the pins(as shown in video) on the next squat rack so the angle it's shot from doesn't show any dimension. I'll try to get a better angle when I hit my next squat.



I had planned to video 135, 225, 315, and my max attempt.

Unfortunately, I came unprepared and my battery died after the first set.

I'm going to attempt the same in 2-4 days so, it shouldn't be long before I have the video up to support my claims.



Well, this was light weight and my form was off because of some mental mistakes I made.

Unfortunately, my heavier sets were probably not great either but I don't think much worse than this set.

Video evidence will tell me that when I have it.



Sure you didn't want to just show us how easy 135 is for you?

The first squat was not deep enough to be considered "obviously below parallel". When it is obvious, you can claim ATG. Otherwise you gotta call that a "parallel squat" or whatever you need to make yourself feel better. The second two were slightly below parallel, far from a true ATG regardless of bodytype. Why are you pausing with warmup weight? IMO that hurts your max strength attempt but I'm no expert. Something about wearing out the eccentric part.

You asked for advice/criticism.



So if my hams close on my calves that's not atg?

The depth has to be obviously below parallel, even in flat soled shoes?

If I wear shorts next time and my hams close on my calves(lets say with two sticky notes) but I'm only slightly below parallel, would that change your minds any about this?

I'm just looking for a criteria for judging atg on my own.

If not hams to calves, then I'll need a partner to judge "obviously below parallel"?



ATG is squatting to the leaves



ass to grass!!!!


ATG really is ATG. They're not kidding. You might want to look for some of the videos here on TNation. They've got them for all different exercises.



Go to your friend's yard who hasn't cut it for a month, squat down until your ass touches the grass. ATG. Doesn't matter what shoes you're wearing there are lots folks who squat big weights ATG in chucks and go farther than you went. You don't have to go ATG for a squat to be good, however you do need to go a little deeper. You don't judge it by weather your thighs touch your calves, it's the relationship of your thighs to the ground.


Here are my thoughts...None of them were ATG. The 2nd two were deeper, but they would all probably pass in a meet. The bouncing in the hole is ridiculous. If you are going to post a video checking your form, make it heavier than 36% of you max.

Post a video of a 95% lift or true max, and we'll give you some honest feedback.


you just couldn't help but bust out the calculator for that one could you??:slight_smile: i guess all that smolvshiekoside training you do has that calculator smok'n.

and i really love your tough love approach to advice. it gets me all tingly.


The OCD Close-Grip bench is my favourite. Haha.


After 12 frustrated sleepless hours here is my train wreck attempt at the videos I tried to get last night.

I think at this point I'm pretty disgusted with myself and I'm nauseous, beaten, and exhausted.

I'm going to sleep for a while, and hope next week I can start to get my shit squatting resolved.



Depth was fine, and would pass in a meet.

The two pointers I would give are 1) Take a huge belly breath full of air before you Squat and 2) Pull your elbows under the bar and lock in that position. This will keep your chest up and keep you from falling forward on the heavy weights.

Don't beat yourself up over those Squats. They weren't that bad, and with a couple of tweaks you could be close to 4 plates.


I never go anywhere without my trusty calculator or pocket protector. Never know when they will come in handy. :wink: