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Squat Form Check


End of week 6 on Starting Strength, I was going for 3x5, but as you will see in the video (first set), im nowhere close. This is probably due to the extreme soreness I had from the workout 2 days ago, where I gave everything I had to deadlift 275 (rounded back on last rep, back now very sore from it) and I wasn't really recovered from it.

I did 3x5 220 2 days ago. I'll try again on Tuesday to see if I can do better after resting for a couple days.

*Note: I know that looked like poor effort on the 3rd rep, and it was, but I could tell right when I went down there was no way I was coming up.


thanks for linking me to my videos :slightly_smiling:


Shit, I noticed that right before you posted. Sorry. I edited my post now, it should go straight to the video. My bad.


it looks pretty good from that angle, cant really see if ur keeping ur heels down or not, and ur knees seem solid not buckling


^ Thanks for the reply. Yeah, it's impossible for me to have the camera far enough away to see my whole body, so I have to pick either to see my heels or my back, and I chose my back.


It's obvious.........THE WEIGHT IS TOO HEAVY.



yeah, I noticed that when I went to lift it. Like I said though, I did 3x5 220 2 days before, so its not like im way over my head here, I was just completely worn out from my last workout. I still want to see if there is any big form issue.


There is something about the way your arms are sitting that makes me believe that you are not contracting your lats to increase core stability.

You know it isn't your best so it may be a waste of everyone's time to have us tell you what is wrong. Consider posting a well rested effort.


I've never really understood how to achieve good core stability. If anyone could explain that to me, that would be great. (I have long arms though, so my arms might sit different then someone with normal length arms.

I will post my next workout (on Tuesday) where I will try 225 again rested.


yes i noticed the elbow thing too, whenever i squat my elbows are always pointing straight down, and at the top my body is aligned straight, u are facing forward, with ur elbows way back, again i cant see ur heels but it makes me wonder if you can keep them down like that,

for your next workout, try to change this, elbows straight down, and body straight at the top, better u fix it now and maybe go back in weight abit, then keep going up, it will get harder and harder to fix