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Squat form check w/video


Hi guys, this is my last set of the 5x5 with 285. I'm currently on Madcow's 5x5 and this week I decided to close up my stance a bit and go deeper than I normally do.
Was just posting this video up to hear some critique, didn't feel as good as it did when I had my feet an inch or 2 further apart.


pretty damn good, especially as it was a hard set


Thanks, I think I might stick with the closer stance and see how well it goes as I move into Friday for a 295x3 on the last set. I'm not sure if my spotter helped me that much or not, I usually like to train alone and see if I can hit all of the reps on the last set without any help. I did this last Friday for 3 with a wider stance and it felt much easier than it did here.