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Squat Form Check PLEASE!!

Hey guys, just wondering what you think of my form here. I squat low bar, focus on hips back to start and knees out. Any comments/tips are welcome, thanks!

P.S. The video isn’t the greatest

The video is not that good - it seems sped up so it is hard to tell tempo. Also, the plates and rack obscure your bar position and your lower back position at the bottom. It looks like your knees may be a bit too forward for a low bar squat, so you may not be sitting back far enough.

Great speed out of the hole

This is a freeze-frame of you coming up out of the hole.

To me, two things stick out:

  1. you’re leaned way over, lifting a lot of weight with your lower back
  2. your lower back looks fairly rounded and not arched

In my personal opinion, I would work on keeping your butt [even further] back, keeping your torso more upright, and keeping a strong arch in your lower back.

Does that mean that what you’re doing is bad? I don’t know.

Your depth is great.

I think what you’ll find, if you don’t change your form, is that your lower back will be your weakness, not your glutes or legs. If you’re trying to use squats to build your butt and legs, you’d benefit from being more upright.