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Squat Form Check Please

after watching the vids i notice my legs flap

1st vid is my usual stance after watching it i widened my stance slightly on 2nd vid

3rd vid is side view

if i need diff angles pls say so.


p.s i uploaded them to youtube and put links here is that the way u guys prefer it done? or should i upload using the “attach video” thing …i didnt see that til i had uploaded to utube



vid3 side view

Looks fine to me. Your left leg is a little more externally rotated than your right leg, but that is probably just due to an anatomical difference in your hip joints. What do you mean by your legs flap? Do you mean you push your knees out? That is what you are supposed to do.

Are you wearing Olympic lifting shoes?

Hi smallmike

no those are just adidas with a fairly flat sole i usally wear lonsdale/boxing shoe for squatting both have similar flat sole,as my running shoe the soles very spongy.

yes the flapping is what i meant,i was told when i first started squats to kinda push knees out on way up but i think its the first vid on way down/up the right knee seems to go in then out was just curious was that normal.

so going on them samples would u say my form is pretty ok to carry on with or is there any adjustments i should make?


Yeah, I don’t notice anything major you should focus on. Nice squat rack you made. The dip bars do look a little wide. You should make yourself some blast straps/gymnastics rings next. They are good for pullups, dips, push-ups/flies, inverted rows, ab roll-outs, and a lot of other great exercises.

thanks :smiley:

i had 2 heavy ropes hanging from it and tried to use them but they cut into my hands a bit was gonna buy some proper ones maybe see em cheap on ebay or somwhere

in total that rack cost me 150euro including paint etc was very happy with how it turned out as i train alone and wasnt confident squatting.benching without the safety pins

will def get them blast straps and maybe try a diff way for the dip bars

thanks again :smiley: