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Squat Form Check Please

I’ve always squatted high bar, narrow stance and all that. This is close to the first time I’ve low bar squatted. I know I’m going too deep. Force of habit :slight_smile:

Here’s a successful one (skip to 1:14):

And an unsuccessful one (skip to 0:40. Watch til the end and you can laugh at me being a little bitch for missing it…):

Thoughts on form, weakness, etc would be very helpful! Thanks.

Not too deep.

^This. You are not going as deep as you think you’re going. A lot of people think they’re going deeper than they’re (I’m also guilty of this). From the angle though it looks like it’d pass at most feds (possibly), but you’re definitely not going olympic ATG or whatever people call it these days. You seem to be failing at the upper back and not the legs. SSB good mornings could help that. I’d also watch these.

Thanks for the tips and the video.

That’s really weird about the depth. When I watch those I see my hips about two inches below my knees. You see what you wanna see, I guess.

I’d say you fail in your upper back because your grip is not tight enough. Sqeeze the shit out of the bar and drive your elbows down.

Of course you see it deeper than others. Everyone does.

In all seriousness, dont wear cargo pants.

And dont wear them when squatting.

You seem reasonably solid, good bar speed for the weight.

Just focus on getting your upper back tighter by driving your elbows under the bar.

That, and try to dominate the weight a little more. You don’t need to spend 2 min psyching yourself up. Oh and lose the cargo pants haha.

OK, I’ll ditch the cargo pants haha.

Thanks for the advice on the upper back.

The psych-up time is more the opposite actually. Trying to focus on my cues and visualize, though I will admit I had no idea I was taking THAT long haha. Wide stance and sitting back are far from second nature right now… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, everyone!

Not even bein funny about them. You wont be able to push your knees out and sit back in any pants other than some really stretchy pajama pants or anything like that.

I am all about the psyche up time, but always treat it like a meet - 1 minute to do it.

They did actually cause me some trouble shoving my knees out. They were never a problem in the past with more upright, narrow stance squats. So at least I have an excuse. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice.