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Squat Form Check (Pain Below Right Knee)


I have been experiencing this pain right under my right knee during and after squatting.
i figured its my technique. Also when i hit 280 pounds my right hip flexor popped. I have started stretching it to improve flexibility but it sometimes gets sore during squating.

here are the links


The videos are private.


sorry about that.
i set them to public


On some squats it seems like your trying to sit back but then your knees drift forward. Look at start the freeze frame of your fist video your knees are over your toes. Now this would not be a problem say if you were doing full squats but since you are not it can be an indicator. Try squatting on a box and then without to see if there is a difference in form; as sick as I am of hearing this "sit back" more focusing more at bending at the waist than the knees.


What fed do you lift in?


when you say "sit back" and "bending at the waist"
do you mean initiate the squat as if i was doing good mornings?