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Squat-Form Check....LOL


My first day back under the bar in a month. Had issues with my right hip(labrum) & a severe neck sprain(not 100% yet). Felt very good considering. Weighed 212 / 46 years old.
Working sets: 370x3x1 - 410x4x1 - 410x6Px1

Followed by:
Leg Press (L&C)
Flat Hamstring Curl
D.Bell Swing
45* Hyperextension

What do you guys think?


why are you using a spotter if theres bars?


Looked really good!! Pausing like that's very impressive.




if you get stuck you just go down and voila, the bar rests on the things



Am I really reading this?


What if he falls backwards by tripping on a tiny Mexican baby? No bars will save him but his spotter will!


im sorry, can someone explain to me what the significance is?

i mean if youre in a meet, it makes sense. theres no bars below you so if you get stuck you need the spots to get up again.

if you fall forward, the rack will catch the bar, if you fall backward samething will happen. if you go straight down, again, the rack will provide safety.

so whats the point? unless you just want someone to help you get a couple extra out like on benching


that's a good looking squat. pretty explosive for an old guy lol. i was just impressed with how easy you made it look.


zomfg!! I did!

Yup, you made it look very easy. Well done.
Spotter was just for show eh?


good control over the weight. you have a bit of some chicken winging going on.

when the weight gets heavier do you notice the weight getting in front of you?


Thanks for the comments...

781: he who squats and walks away, lives to squat another day. I always use a spot.

Hanley: Thanks...I've seen a bit of your work myself.

gatorpump: When I get the rust knocked off and oil it up, it still works pretty good some days...LOL

maraudermeat: yea, I moved my stance in at the first of Feb. after several years of using a bit wider set-up(the wider stance was irritating my hip in the hole). I haven't totally adjusted to the change, but it is feeling better each session- I started out a high-bar/close stance squatter. I always look forward to your new videos!


Your post count hides your n00b-ness.

Pleas stop commenting.

On topic....

Looked easy. Put some weight on the bar!


i like that 4 people have commented on what i said yet no one gave an explanation.





Okay man, here's the deal. Give this a try, then come back and ask the same question. Load up the bar until it starts to bend while it's still on the bars. Then, get under it and let it crush your troll ass.

Real answer, it sucks to dump the weight. You could really hurt yourself, there's no telling where that weight is going to fall if you just let it go, or if you lean forward you could seriously injure yourself too. Always better to come up with the weight.

To the OP, that form looked good. Gotta ask though, why do you wait so long before you actually start the set? I see that you take the time to set your stance, but then you wait what seems to be another four to five seconds. Just a question. Also, what was the name of that song? Pretty sick.



Keep squatting how you squat the most - looks pretty good. If you want to tweak anything, maybe try driving your elbows under the bar more, rather than pointing them straight back.

Good stuff...


Damn, thats what we get for asking about something we don't know?

Sorry everyone isn't as advanced and knowledgeable.



Great work. Sorry to hear about the injuries but it looks like you're working around them pretty well.


Guys like this are the reason the bars at my gym get bent at both ends.

Dumping a squat at the bottom means you have no control over how the bar lands which means plates can slide, you could get caught under it and other people can get hurt.
Obviously, you're also gonna wreck your bar and/or pins.

IF you try to duck under a shit ton of weight you also put yourself in a compromised position where you are rounding your back and/or torquing your shoulders to get out of the way. You could also end up with a good part of the load on your neck as you fall over.

The point is, you cannot maintain a safe and mechanically staple position under the bar if you dump the weight and greatly increase the risk of damage to your equipment and yourself.

BTW, what's the heaviest squat you've been under LiveFromThe781?

OP: solid control but you're elbows are flared(chicken-winging).

Other wise your depth looks good and stability looks good.
Setup may need some work.