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Squat Form Check/Legs Not Growing



You got the rest of your life to lose excess fat if you’re already lean. At 68kg you’ll most likely never get fat.

Just eat more, enjoy the gains, and then cut weight if you want to get lean again.


thanks bro
i will increase my calories before workout (carbs?)
totally +800 calories per day.:thinking:


Yeah, can’t hurt. I like pasta and bagels pre workout, and lots of sodium throughout the day to retain water through salty snacks.

I don’t really subscribe to any diet methodology, but I hear about things that seem like they’d work well.


dude, you’re a head case. I think you just need friends to talk to or something.


hey man english is not my first language …
whats meaning head case???unstable person?and then why???


“My legs aren’t growing. I’m sad.”

“Look at these pictures, yes they are.”

“I measured them and yes they are, but I’m sad.”


i will try it​:wink::grin:


it means that you’re emotional about this in a weird way, you’re worried about things you shouldn’t be worried about, and I think that proper social interaction will more than likely help with this.


Yeah, but im guessing your depth was a little deeper also.


Yeah haha, I’m a depth over achiever