Squat Form Check/Legs Not Growing

Do a couple cycles of a proven 5x5 template like Madcow(start very light). 1-2 times a week eat a big cheat meal until you hit say 160lbs. You will not get fat -at your age all the squatting in the program will ‘soak’ up the calories so to speak


just because you never accomplished anything significant in the gym doesn’t mean this guy has to follow that path. I’ve gained 75 lean lbs since I started lifting. Take the body you’ve been given? Nah. Fuck that. I got myself a new one, and I have zero regrets.


And English is your first language?

Timely edit, well done.

We have literally dozens on lifters on this site alone who have never touched steroids who managed to build big, strong legs.

Op has been lifting a whole 5 months.
Kind of early to say what he can or cannot do this early in the game.

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I agree with this, or starting strength is also a great program to start with (they are very similar). Squatting 3X a week made my legs blow up.

I don’t think many under eat while doing that. Squats seem to induce hunger.

I think you will have better progress if you can use progressive overload. I think you are doing a bit to much in the beginning sets to progress the weight on the bar (you are too tired by the time you get to the heavier weight).

Don’t get me wrong. The 20 rep squat program is known to grow one’s legs, but I think you should be stronger than you are now before doing that program.

Keep it simple, and you will grow. Eventually those simple programs will become so brutal you will dread your workouts. When that happens move to intermediate programming (lots of people gain a long time on 5/3/1).

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thanks guys
next week i will change my workout and using 5*5 with 600 calories surplus🤓

It’s funny that people just assume that someone who is on steroids now made all their gains because of/ with their assistance.

I got my bodyweight up into the 190’s without any assistance. And my squat was over 400 (it started under 100). So the steroid argument is largely irrelevant. There are dozens of pictures of me on this website prior to steroids.

yes, I did. you’re not just sharing, you’re projecting. you failed, so you just assume everyone else will too. but that’s fine. I’m just sharing my own experience, right? same thing.

I honestly give zero fucks about you. The post was to encourage the OP not to just settle on what he’s got, simply because enackers came in and tried to put an artificial ceiling on expected gains.


I don’t want to wade in and make an argument or make this either personal or confrontational as I don’t think either are helpful.

However, I agree with flipcollar that the sentiments expressed above are extremely self limiting. Plenty of people can, and have achieved extremely impressive physiques and lifts without the help of steroids/favourable genetics/clavicle lengthening surgery. There is no reason at all that the OP couldn’t be one of them.

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Discussing limitations in a beginner thread is like discussing marriage on the first date :tm:


I like it
I’m stealing it
Give it 2 weeks and I’ll have come up with it myself

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No way, bro. It’s been trade marked!

You win :laughing:

I definitely remember that.

hey guys im here with new squat pr

please check the video
is that good form ?
that was last set and i was tired i can do 5 rep anyway
i change my workout and im doing 3set 5rep and 5set *5 rep but my leg not growing .wtf! :confused:

my leg after 20 days calories surplus(+500)

What do you weigh today (or yesterday)?

374 lbs = 170 kg
im 68 kg
im tired and very sad :frowning:
my leg really dont grow

Eat more around your training session.

374x5 at 68kg is pretty nice for not being satisfied with your leg progress. I got bigger legs than you at 90kg and I was reaching 375x2-3 towards the end of my meet prep.

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I saw this when it said 65kg, before the quick edit.

In either case, you are growing and your legs are getting bigger. You’re not seeing things objectively.

I forget if it was asked earlier in the thread, but have you actually measured your legs? That would be, ya know, the best way to track how much they grow.

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yes i measured my quad… 1 inch increase my quads
but when i see so many guys in gym that bigger than me and weight on the bar isnt even close to my pr …but they have pretty nice legs
this really hurt me …

im really worries about my bodyfat :(((
more than 500 calories i think i will gain pretty body fat :sleepy: