Squat Form Check/Legs Not Growing

hi guys im new here and recently start bodybuilding
im sure in calories surpuls
but my leg not growing i try everything ( /drop set/burn out/high rep and low rep etc…)
what can i do?

Squat : 7set
30 rep
20 rep
15 rep
15 rep
8 rep
8 rep
6 rep

Box jump
3set * 10 rep

lying leg curls
3 set * 8 rep

leg press
3 set *12 rep

global squat
3 set * 30 rep

Just keep at it. You weigh like 150lbs. How big would you expect your legs to be?

This shit takes time.


How long ago is “recently”?

What did you weigh before you started training?

What weight are you squatting for 30 reps? What weight are you squatting for 6 reps?

138 lbs****

Dude is TINY.

And 7 sets of squats from 30 to 6 reps?

Basically - your nutrition is obviously inadequate, your workout programming is poor, and you’re reaping the rewards.

Do 5/3/1, figure out how much food you have to eat to be in a surplus, and come back in a year. Or go start a training log and record your progress.

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5 months
59 kg
50kg for 30 reps
100 kg for 6 rep with good form
my friends told me that i have good progress but i think its not enough for 5 month!

Oh, and you have a long way to go before we need another banana hammock picture to figure out how small your legs are.

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i try my best😄

You squat 1.6x your body weight for 6 reps with good form after 5 months of training? Would love to see a video of this. If it’s where you’re at after 5 months, that’s awesome.

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yeah i can recod a video …next week i will record that shit😁


It’s a food issue. Gaining less than 1kg per month for someone your size is nothing. These tips can help. Your legs won’t grow if your body doesn’t grow.

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im eat 300 calories over my maintenance
so every week i gain about 0.5 lbs
16 week * 0.5 = 8lbs= 3.6kg
i dont like dirty bulk :frowning:

Then you’re gonna have to be patient.


as others have said, you’re squatting enough to grow. Programming is good enough.

If you’re not satisfied with the rate at which you’re growing, but you aren’t willing to eat more, I’m not sure how anyone can help you. You don’t have to ‘dirty bulk’ to eat more calories. I bet it would be pretty easy to get an additional 300-400 calories of rice per day, if you’re willing to make the effort.

Which of these statements would you like to be correct, because it has to be one or the other.

You’re being overly conservative and you’re trying to gain weight very slowly… which is exactly why you’re gaining weight very slowly.

And, dude, you have fucking veins on your fucking shins. You’re lean enough that a “dirty bulk” isn’t a concern for now. More food, smarter training, and the occasional cardio session, and you’ll be golden.


so basically if i want grow my leg faster should eat more!
how much should be enough?!
and what do u think about my bf …is it above 15?

It’s definitely below 15%, and the other 85%+ is bone.


depends on the fat content of your brain. Judging by your posts, I’m gonna say that’s pretty high.

Please stop posting pictures of yourself, this isn’t instagram. Those aren’t real physique shots. And you DEFINITELY shouldn’t be concerning yourself with bodyfat at 140 fucking lbs of bodyweight.

what did I say in the post above? I made a specific food suggestion with a specific calorie count. Please stop wasting our time if you can’t read what we say.


sorry for misunderstanding!!
what happen here? :confused:
ok i delete that pic
im just curious about my bf and i know here alot of musclar guys! not showing:/

ok haha
please read some article about How do I stop being a jerk?

You probably got a lot more than 100kg x 6 in you if you use shorter warmup sets.

I remember seeing an article somewhere that warmup sets should be no more than 3. In a video, Mark Bell said that if you want to do a longer warmup, just do more sets rather than more reps in a set.

Doesn’t seem bad, but I’m sure you can go heavier across 7 sets with fewer reps.