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Squat Form Check, Knee Cave?


Im after some feedback on my squat form, previously I had bad knee cave from not properly understanding how to come back up from the bottom, well at least I think I now know anyway. This is an extra set after my 5x5 at 67kg 90sec rest. I was previously squatting 4x5 90kg 4min rest barely hitting parallel, I can post a vid showing that form from back then too if needed. I know that my form now is way better but I hope im over thinking my knee movement or cave, on maybe a rep now and then I’ll forget my cues and the knees will cave a little but i tried my best to keep them out and as straight as possible on the way up. I can’t really get a better shot of my foot possition without cutting out my chest and above so I never. Feet are a little wider than shoulder width with toes pointed out slightly. Cheers

Hopefully the link to the vid works also.

The video is set to private. You can change the setting in Youtube.

Just changed it thanks

Well it’s not really a good angle video for checking knee cave, but I didn’t see any

So the knees moving in slightly on the 1st and 4th rep just on the way up is nothing to be worried about? Is it ok for the knees to come in at all or no?

With that being said is there anything bad that’s needing changed with my squat ?

Like I said it’s not a very good angle for judging knee cave. If you uploaded a video from straight in front we’d be able to tell better

In my opinion there is not, assuming you are not experiencing any unexpected pain or discomfort. I’m not seeing any severe knee cave. A little bit, yes, but nothing to bee worried about, assuming you’re feeling good.

That said, nearly every squatter on the planet not named Ray Williams, Ed Coan or Tom Platz should probably strive to improve their squat technique in some shape or form. I have many things to improve on after nearly 4 years of squatting, specifically head-to-toe tightness, consistency of execution and having a more efficient set-up. Many squatters more accomplished than me have written many articles sharing their thoughts on improving the squat. Reading them is a good idea.

Assuming your goal involves a bigger squat, I think you should hit them hard and often while following a sensible progression model. More squatting will probably be the fastest path to becoming a better squatter.

In short, your squats are looking good, keep it up!

I recorded a set today from the front and another from the side view, I was supprised when I watched the front view sets back as my knees appear to be much more stable than the side view shows, both same stance and I tried my absolute best to replicate each rep per set, these were set 5+6. You’ll notice that on a couple of the side view reps I lose my balance slightly, that was because there’s a wall almost right infront of me and I sometimes lose focus on the area I’m aiming at and just end aimlessly glaring at it.

I’ve also attatched a link to a deadlift set if you wouldn’t mind having a look at that too thanks.


Nice angle…

You are fine.

If you want to compete one day, we can talk about your right ankle, apart from that, enjoy the day and stop worrying about nothing.

But do stop the over exaggerated hip thrusts. I know you are in the bedroom , but really?


Thanks, I’m not sure why the side view over exaggerates my knee movements so much. If you mean the thrusting on the deadlift, that’s just purely me trying to get the bar off the floor as fast as possible as that tends to be where it’s the hardest, I’m sure as the weight increases it’ll slow down and I won’t be thrusting as much I guess. You mention my ankle, can you explain what’s needing sorted please.

About this knee caving in issue. I just wanna mention something real quick.

Lots of Chinese Olympic lifters PURPOSELY cave-in their knees at the concentric (going up) portion of their squat. I’ve seen this on youtube and read it on a reputable site a long time ago.

I think that unless it’s exaggerated you shouldn’t worry about it too much. And judging from that first video, I see no caving in at all.


Back again looking for some input on if my squat form is still looking ok.

Last video I posted was four weeks or so ago and at 67kg this was 95kg so it’s a considerable weight more, more than I’ve squatted for reps anyway.

My forms changed a decent amount too, earlier on at lighter weights It felt ok but as the weight increased I’ve had to change it a little, feet are a tad closer with feet facing more forward, also breaking at the hips very slightly compared the amount I was before, this feels a lot more of a comfortable possition to squat in now. I don’t overly force my knees out but I have noticed they are a lot more stable after I changed my form and since I’ve tried to stay as upright as possible.

Past two weeks or so it’s at the point where after the first two reps the other three feel very hard to complete.

Your form looks decent to me…but dude, don’t squat in you bedroom without some safety measure to protect your shit! It looks like an accident waiting to happen! You can use a pair of cheap height adjustable sawhorses to catch the bar just in case! Seriously!

I know but this will have to do for now, there’s stands there for if I miss a rep, unfortunately they’re slightly to the front of me Instead of straight under, my bar is just too short to fit inbetween without hitting the plates

no it won’t. you’re playing with fire.

you could nail some 2x4’s together or something to use as a safety precaution. Get creative. Literally anything would be better than this. This is just so fucking dangerous.

What if you do have to dump the bar, for any reason? Just because you can handle the weight, doesn’t mean something can’t happen. Strained hip flexor, torn quad, hamstring, etc. All these things can happen. And they are all manageable. but if you have to dump the bar and dive forward, you could literally break your neck on the bedframe, among other possible injuries that could occur from the barbell ricocheting off the dresser there if dropped backwards.

Am I describing a worst case scenario? Absolutely. Probably a 1% chance of it happening any given session. But if you squat enough times, it’s going to.

You’re right I know, until yesterday I had no idea what a saw horse was or if they could be used, Ive already bought a set and they should arrive soon