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Squat Form Check/Help


Can I get some critique on my squat form? I do feel like I'm getting a good enough ROM on my squats but for some reason can't increase my PRs. In the videos it kind of looks like I'm leaning forward too much and doing a mini good morning when i come out of the squat. My leg stance is a few inches further than shoulder length and I try to keep my knees pointed out to my toes. Also try to tighten up my abs and core when I go down.

Is it best to sit down naturally? When I watch other ppls squat videos it looks like they descend straight down whereas in my case I look totally different.

I feel it most in my quads and not enough in my glutes/hammies/hip flexors, I usually do stretches before squat days.

I also do a few ankle/glute mobility stretches, mostly dynamic stuff(also body squats and goblet squats with dumbbells) all as warmup.

I'm on a 5x5 routine at the moment to increase overall strength seeing how weak I am. My max squat has been stuck at 100kgs for a while now and I really want to increase it to 1.5BW. Currently weigh in at 77kgs which is also the weight I'm squatting in the vid.

Any help or critique would be appreciated, would really like to see some increases in my squatting PRs.(I know my back is rounding a bit when I go down, I can fix that too.)


Oh yeah, also I squat 3x a week on the 5x5 routine(5 sets of 77kgs for 5 reps), consistent weight Mon and Wed, then increase to overall max on Fridays.

The crappy thing is I've been hitting new PRs on my bench(just hit 91kgs) but it seems like my squat just sucks...


First thing, you're dive bombing into the hole, lower with more control and try to load your glutes and hamstrings when you sit back

Second, you're butt winking pretty badly, where you lower back loses tightness and your pelvis tucks under, this is bad and will lead to injury if you continually knock out reps like this. Find your working ROM, by not going as deep, you need to find the depth where your lower back doesn't move and work on glute activation and hip flexor stretching

Third, your chest is caving in on each rep, get your shoulder blades tight, and imagine sticking your chest up the entire time like you're chest is being pulled up to the ceiling by a string, getting your upper back tight and your chest out will help stabilize your entire back top to bottom.

Check out some of the videos in my technique thread http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/technique_thread

and post some more videos of your progress so we can see if you're getting better, good luck


Well, you did not mention what your goals actually are.

There is not only one way to squat, even though a lot of idiots will probably suggest you squat as much like a suited powerlifter as possible for some reason, regardless of what you're trying to achieve.


Is that a mirror in front of you? Get rid of it and get used to looking at an upward angle. By looking up more, it will help you keep your chest up.

I recommend watching the "So you think you can squat" videos at EliteFTS. These are what really hit it home for me.
Part 1 & 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

And if you're not in to the powerlifting method, here's something at Exrx.net


About your form: What Remu said, but also:
You should only need two steps to walk the bar out
you could experiment with a lower bar placement, if you have some meat on your upper back.
push your elbows forward, this will help you stay upright along with remus tips.

5x5 never did anything for me. Low rep ramping to a higher rep top set did. (like in 531)

What else do you do besides squat? Any accessory exercises? Do you deadlift? Squats are great, but these things make your squat greater.


Yeah that def. makes more sense(loading more into the glutes and hammies), thanks for the tips.

And I've seen most of SquatRXs videos before on establishing hip drive and flexibility. I usually use a lower bar placement BTW.

I'll try to keep a tighter, more puffed out chest so my butt doesn't wink out so much anymore and my lower back stance is better and tighter.

I'll do more videos today and see if there is any improvement. Also I just do basic exercises at the moment, deadlift, bench, rows, pull-ups, etc.