Squat Form Check for 85% TM

Does it count as 5 solid reps or should I go lower on the TM ?
That’s the squat TM Test.

Good strong reps, 85% will be fine. Which 5/3/1 program are you going into?

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I just finished God is a Beast (4 times a week)
I got very poor results from her, I got weaker in all the exercises.
I believe that because of the frequency of training, lifting once a week is not enough for me. So in the next program I want to increase my training frequency and see how my body responds to it.

Really want to do Power Clean in the next program though, But Volume and Strength Seems to be a great program so I don’t really sure.
any recommendation?

I’ve recently been glued to Full Body - Squat, push, pull on page 145. There’s loads of templates for 3 days a week, they also have a couple of templates with power cleans too.

Yea I really liked the workouts on that section.
Did you make a good progress with those kind of programs ?

I personally made more progress on them than other templates in the book. My strength went through the roof with Full Body 16 for 3 cycles, then doing Full Body 17 for 2 cycles put a significant amount of mass on me, especially my legs!

And more important I enjoy doing them.