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Squat Form Check - Does This Look Okay?


Okay, I was doing the squats slowly on purpose, because I'm trying to get a better feel for holding my arch. When I drop down too fast, I tend to lose it and the rep gets sloppy.

This is the aftermath of my last thread where I was worried about my lean...I think it's gotten better in this video, but I'd appreciate any and all critique on what I can do to improve.



Looks good to me. My only critique would be to cut them a little higher.


I always do DE squats a bit lower than my heavier squats. :slight_smile:


i'd try to keep your chest up higher when you start coming up, it looks like the bar isn't moving all the time when your butt is coming up.


Overall it looks pretty good.

But keep pulling those elbows forward to stay upright. You are likely squatting a little too deep as your back is rounding slightly (or I sense that because it was blocked by the weight). If you keep the elbows under the bar this might correct itself.


You're right. I'll keep trying.

I'm keeping them as far forward as I can without the weight being unstable. I don't have quite as much mass on my back so keeping them up just slightly in the back helps to keep the bar from rolling for some reason...does that make sense? :confused:

My back wasn't rounding at the bottom.


How does it look with heavier weight?


That's yet to be seen...today was a lighter day, otherwise I would have shot a video with heavier weight. I will try again on Tuesday.


To help with keeping the elbows forward and keeping your hips from rising faster than your shoulders you can try using the cue of trying to bend the ends of the bar towards your feet. And pull really hard at the bottom.


I do that for my good-mornings, because I always feel like the bar will fall off if I don't, haha. I'll try that for my squats next time, thanks!


I can tell that your not squeezingthe glutes at the bottom. This makes your ass come up first in the bottom. Do this and you will be fine.


it looks damn fine to me!
but yeah hips coming up a bit too early. upper back tighter and elbows forward


I will work on the hips rising faster thing... bad habit!



you're also breaking at the knees not the hips.