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Squat Form Check, Buttwink?

Recently hurt my right knee.MRI says it’s a lateral meniscus issue but not a tear.And it’s been almost a month.It only bothers me when I squat(or squat down to pick up something which I stop doing that since the injury)
But I can no longer squat like I used to be----Narrow Stance(narrower than shoulder width) because I feel pain when I reach parallel.And considering I have several times injury history with knees I decide to stay away from narrow stance.
So I switch to wider stance( wider than shoulder width).And I can go below parallel without pain.
But I met several issues:
1.My lower back feel way more tiring than ever(Soreness mostly, but not the kind of soreness that annoys.It almost disappear after 1 h maybe.)
2.Butt wink. I will post several video of myself below.I’m not sure if it is butt wink. And thing is when I squat like sitting back , the butt wink issue seems more serious than I just sitting down like how I used to squat. But sitting down makes me feel way harder than sitting back.
3.I’m not confident about my form.I never tried wide stance .Please help me check it.Thanks!

Here’s the video
1.This is a side view( Sit down style, which I tried to keep my torso upright like when I narrow stance squat.When I squat like this my lower back feels more comfortable but harder for my legs.)

2.This is a side view(Sit back style, my lower back feels more tired when I squat like this but feels easier to finish the movement than sit down style)

3.This is a 45 degree view(Sit Back style)

Please help me with it.
Sorry for bothering you guys .
Have a good day.

It doesn’t look terrible, stop going so low, this is powerlifting, you don’t get points for going so deep.

You need to squeeze your glutes, brace your abs and pull yourself down into position instead of lowering then dropping below parallel.