Squat Form Check and Program Review

Hello and thank you for checking this post. Yesterday I decided to record myself performing squats and I noticed the bar path does not seem to be straight at all, I have no idea how to fix this issue, a little help would be most appreciated.

Here is a link to the video

Some years ago I used to train, but life got in the way so I am kind of starting over.

There is about 100 Kg on the bar and I am doing the last of my 3 squat sets for the day.

Also, I wanted an honest critique on my current program. I am 24 years old, 180 cm tall and my weight is 80-82 Kg. My goal is to get bigger and stronger (in that order of importance). I’m eating at a constant 100-400 calorie surplus but I am always laking in protein consumption, my budget allows me to eat around 100 g of protein a day most of the time, meat is kind of expensive here in Japan, I am open for recommendations in this regard too. Anyways my program is as follows:

A Squat 3x5
B Cable pull through 3x8
C1 Seated Cable Rows 3x12 (one set, 45s rest and then one set of C2)
C2 Bench Press 3x5
D Rear Lunges w Dumbbells 2x12
E Glute bridges 2x15 (Bodyweight, slow tempo)

A Deadlift Sumo stance (I’m trying this stance, I want a change from conventional) 3x6
B Glute bridges 2x15 (Bodyweight, slow tempo)
C1 Dumbbell Bench Press 3x8
C2 Chin Ups 3x8
D1 Lateral Dumbbell Raises 2x12
D2 Seated Cable Row

A Squat 3x8
B Calves Press on Leg machine 3x12
C1 Seated Cable Rows 3x12
C2 Chest Dips 3x8
D Farmers Walk 3 Sets 1 minute walks
E Seated Shoulder Press w/machine

For Squats, DL, Bench press, chins and dips I try to always leave 1-2 reps in the tank.

Please, bear In mind:
My gym is fairly limited equipment-wise, changing gym is not an option atm.

Barbell rows seem to put an unnecessary amount of stress in my lower back (most likely because of my technique) and frankly I have given up trying to use them. The same goes for dumbbell rows.

I am taking about 5 g of creatine a day.

Most likely I will post a video of my sumo DL soon.

I made this program because I need flexibility. sometimes I like to change the accessory lifts, but the main lifts (Squats, DL, Bench press, chins, and dips) can stay the same.

Please tell me what you think. Thank you for your time.