Squat form check 3

5x75kg. Buttwink a problem or acceptable? Any other comments appreciated.

IMO i don’t think it’s a problem now but could become an issue once weights get heavier.
-Drop weight a little to work on getting rid of “butt wink”. It puts your back in a compromised position.
-I would prob slow down a touch
-Wear proper loose fitting pants/shorts. Jeans are not ideal for training.

I apply “butt wink” as part of my normal technique, and have experienced no problems into heavier loads (so far, better not jinx it). That said, I have a history of herniated discs (traumatic cause) but nevertheless I seem to have recovered.

Your performance looks alright, but could indeed benefit from a slower, more controlled negative. You should also learn to brace and apply valsalva accordingly. A belt is a must when working above 80% of your 1RM.

Best of luck!

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