Squat Form Check 132

Squats is my worst lift and i feel like my form is never correct.
any tips? am i doing it right

Looks fine to me. Just remember to keep your entire back and abs braced throughout the lift and lead with your chest.

Also, I’d recommend to lift in shoes with stiffer soles. Your heels move a bit when coming up.

Be more explosive at the bottom, it looked like you were doing a pause squat almost.

x2 on what they said, particularly the long pause at the bottom. It looks like you’re searching for more depth than you actually need. Go down and up with as little thought as possible.

Also, experiment with different stance widths. Your feet might be a little too far apart. The motion might feel better, and be more powerful, with a slightly narrower stance.

Get a bunch tighter and try to stay a bit more upright throughout the movement. The lead witht the chest cue is good for that, also pulling the elbows up and forward.

For tightness, a slower descent helped me a lot. I find it easier to stay tight when pulling myseld back and down into the hole rather than dropping.