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Squat Form Check 1.1


Dun mind the title i was thinking how i should put it so i can remember in future.
After following the comments in the below post, i changed up my squat form a little. I widened the stance and focused more on using my hips (adductors and shit i dont even know the names). This was my first heavy day with belt that I'm doing with the improved form. I honestly felt I had more control unlike the previous dive bombs I had. I also changed my grip to my usual "broken wrist" grip to this grip where the bar just sits on my palm without any fingers or thumbs holding. I feel slightly better using this.

However despite having more control, Im not sure while i struggle to hit depth. I felt like that was the spot i had to come up. Could use some help on this part cause I dont really struggle on depth previously. Apologise for the bad angle, typical public gym.
Video: https://youtu.be/9keHgzyGXbA

Previous post with previous squat style.: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/squat_form_check_105


There are two possibilities as I see it.

One, you just aren't getting tight enough. Easy fix, get tighter. Problem solved. However, I'm not entirely sure that's the issue.

Two, you aren't strong enough in the trunk to keep your torso at the angle you need to be at to hit depth. You lean more and more as you go down, so if you went any deeper you'd get pinned.

The fix for that is to get your back and abs stronger. Getting tighter will help, of course, but until you're strong enough to hold that position it won't entirely fix the problem.

Back extensions for high reps are good, so are good mornings and reverse hypers. Also barbell rows. An rollers for your abs and also suitcase holds or carries.


Alright thank you for the advice. Would front squats help in keeping the torso upright? I heard front squats are also indirectly a core exercise. Tried those front rack holds for timing with friends after a workout, for fun. Wasn't alot of fun thou could really feel the upper back and all the muscles working to hold the weight in place.


Your knees are moving forward and down away from you causing depth to be harder to get, you need to sit back more and grip + spread the floor. Also get your elbows under the bar more, a cue I use to help people at my gym is to think about posturing your chest up like you're looking up but keep your head neutral.


They definitely won't hurt. When I started powerlifting I did quite a lot of front squatting, usually with pauses in the hole, and it certainly didn't seem to do my squat and harm. Nor my deadlift, for that matter. I'd recommend doing them with a clean grip, though, not a cross grip. Or straps if you can't use a clean grip. You wind the straps around the bar and hold the straps so your elbows get higher.

Cparker is also on the money with the cues.


Chest up. Leaning forward to get the bar lower will not help the hips get lower. Sit down and push back and chest up. Drive hips out of the hole.

Work on good technique first. Add the other stuff later.


What stood out the most to me is that you need to push your knees out harder and from the very start of the movement. This will help you reach depth and keep you more upright.

You've got what's called an accordion squat. That is, your body is folding. Think of your torso and hips as slung between your legs. You should be squatting back/down in between your legs. When you get to the lowest point of your squat, are you running into your hip flexors? If so, this advice will probably help.