Squat Form/ Bar Path Help


I require your assistance with my squat form.

In the video i attached i showed 1st front squat 2 ssb and 3rd back squats

The first two seem to have decent bar path, but my back squat with my heavier and lighter sets seem to have a bar path that starts in the wrong place.

So my questions are :

Is this horrible and needs to be fixed right away or is it not as bad as i feel it is ?

Also, my physio has told me i am a bit twisted and it seems to me some of the other squat variations aren’t as impacted due to bar placement .
I tried a bit lower bar squats, but i still can’t get my bar path to be corrected.

Any insight is appreciated.

Thank you

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Those look fine to me.


Ok so I’m being a bit of a wackadoodle? Because my son says am i but when i watched it during my workout i got really upset

So you don’t think it matters if during my back squats the bar comes forward like that ? My ssbs were right on the green line

the second one.


I think it’s certainly something you can work on improving, but I wouldn’t stop progressing my squats to do so. I don’t believe it is dangerous; maybe just a little inefficient.

I think we should all be working to refine these techniques as we continue to get stronger.

Nice squatting!


Check out these squats from record holders and world level competitors

You are doing just fine


Looks good to me. From here, the more you squat, the more efficient it will get. It’s just fine tuning from here.

Also, viewing from the back is helpful if you might be pushing harder with one leg than the other. Coaching is most comprehensive when observed from all angles.

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Most people are a bit twisted. It’s normal. If you don’t have any pain associated with squats, I wouldn’t even worry about.

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Okay, thanks everyone. I’ll try to settle my frustration :relaxed:

Well, I recently did an overhaul of my own squat during a workshop - and your squat looks biomechanically like a school example to me. As long as you feel alright, I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you feel you are twisted, or suffering from imbalance you may consider slow and light lunges for assistance work. Perhaps under the guidance of your physio?


I’d also agree that looks way closer to textbook than problem on the squat form spectrum.


I honestly appreciate you posting those videos, because they make me feel better about my form on squats. I think I’m falling into a decent groove on low bar, but it looks very similar to how Norton seems to do it, and I get in my head thinking it’s “wrong” even though it feels strong. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.


“My back pain got so bad that it absolutely incapacitated me. All I could do was lay on the floor, I couldn’t even use the bathroom on my own.”

-Layne Norton


Hell yeah dude. We run into the issue that we take people with ideal proportions for lifts and then assume that the lift they do is the ideal form. Some dudes are built to squat, and when they squat, it looks beautiful. Tom Platz squats up and down like a sewing needle, to paraphrase Kaz. Meanwhile, dudes like Goggins are all limbs and no torso: natural born pullers that, when they squat, it looks like a circus act. But if we’re built like them: it’s how we squat.


This is how i feel!!! I’m only 5 foot zero, but it’s because i have no torso!!! Powerlifting belts take up my entire body lol.

My femurs are longer. I’ve seen a lot of short women squat so beautifully, and i never understood why i couldn’t make mine look like that, but now i realize it’s pretty much impossible and i mostly just get worried that is a “safe form” and not that it’s pretty :slight_smile:


I’m of similar build. My wife and I have done a few distance races together, and I never have enough room on my torso to pin my bib to my shirt. I literally have no solar plexus, haha.

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It’s not so much the whole bar moving forward as it is your upper body turning a bit. In reality, you’re probably rotating less than 5deg which is fine.

Your form is great, probably better than mine (particularly for front squats).

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I echo the sentiments that your form is fine.

I also have the “twist” in my squat. From the back it looks like my hips are shifting to the right. When trying to fix it in the gym, it was pointless as I couldn’t diagnose the cause and when it came down to it I had no pain, it just looked odd.

Later on when working with a physio, she discovered that I actually was standing slightly staggered when I squatted due to my walkout. My right foot was an inch or two further forward than my left. This then led to me not being able to force my right knee out as far as it should which led to me shifting to the right during the squat. Once I took the time to make sure my feet were set right and I was keeping my knees tracking with my toes everything lined back up.

Long story short, it may not be something overly technical. I just took it for granted that my feet were set properly. Sometimes you just need to go back over your form to the very basic level to make sure you haven’t developed any glaring bad habits.


Layne’s story also has a happy ending!

After Years of rehab and careful work,

He is the 2022 IPF Master World Champion!