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Squat Form and Weakness Help

just need some help with form. i know there’s always corrections to be made and also with pointer on any muscle group you think i need to bring up to boost my squat. the video is a 545 raw squat no belt no knee wraps. spotter did help alittle around the mid point. sorry i don’t have a video from the front. any help will be appreciated.

I think taking a deeper breathe and and holding it will allow for some better tightness.

Nice job

Nice squat, few things I immediately notice:
-Upper back needs to be tighter, get that chest out. I missed a squat at a meet because I wasn’t tight enough recently.
-First movement should be breaking at the hips, not just squatting. Work on sitting back.
-Good depth.
-Force your knees out HARD as you are coming out of the hole.
-Tell your spotter to not touch you, at all. If there’s doubt you will make it, have him spot you correctly. Him putting his hands on your sides ain’t going to do a thing if you fail with it.
-Get better shoes. I am guilty of this one as well.

alright exactly feedback that i can use.