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Squat Form Advice

I’ve been doing a low bar squat similar to the squat Mark Rippetoe advocated. I execute it with a hip break first, and try pretty hard to sit back. I break parallel and I drive back up with the hips.

Is this variation supposed to be all hamstring?
Also, am I supposed to try and stay as upright as possible or is a big forward lean ok since I am trying to shoot the butt back?

I try hard to think about driving with glutes and hips, but I really don’t feel anything there at all. I am just sore in my hamstrings only. Thus, I wonder if I am doing it correctly. Is there any other cues that you use to help with hip/glute activation?


Too hard to tell without seeing how you’re doing it. If you are weak in the hamstrings you will often feel it there a lot. It really depends on the person. I’d be interested in seeing a video.