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Squat for Me?


I've been doing The Shotgun Method for 5 weeks so far. On Day 5, it's bench/cable pulls/squat day.

Now, my squat isn't very strong - probabably 220 1 RM for a 6'3" 230 lb guy.

Should I continue to squat or try isolation exercises? I believe I read in this forum ( sorry to be vague) that the squat won't develop muscles as well as isolation work for the legs because of tall guy limitations.

I like to squat, just asking what to do.


Why not squat, AND leg press, AND do leg extensions/leg curls.....?

Why does it have to be one or the other? haha


If your goal is to be strong you should squat, if you goal is to have more muscular legs you should squat and probably do some accessories, but I would not expect to see big legs from anyone without at least a 1.75x bodyweight back squat.


He won't squat and leg press and do extensions because the shotgun program doesn't work that way. It's designed around one compound for the major muscle groups (ie: Bench Press/Squats/Deads/Cable Rows)

To answer your question, no. Stick with the squats, but remember that the program isn't specific as to what type of squats you need to do, so there's no rule saying you can't do really wide stance power lifting style squats to help bring the numbers up...just keep at it and the lift will get stronger.

Also, I would avoid doing any direct ham/quad work on the troubleshooting days, and also, do the squats first in the rotation, they definitely require more focus and strength than cable rows and benching.


try doing front squats, i stopped back squatting for about a month or two just doing front squats, my back squat has sky rocketed, reps that i struggle for 2 reps i can do 5 reps with pretty easily, havent really retested my 1 rep max


After squatting 6x4 today, I noticed that I had discomfort in my right shin.

Five years ago I noticed a lump on my shin. The doctor looked at it, tested it, and determined it was tissue.

Now, I noticed that this area of my right shin was uncomfortable after squatting, whereas the left shin felt just fine.

What should I do?


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Post a video of you squatting, I never encountered this problem but your heels might be coming up or your too narrow for your flexibility level. The #1 reason for pain in squats is form issue, best way to see if your doing it right is post a video for critique.


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This will show you how to fix your squat.
Dan John is a fucking legend
EVERYONE should squat, theres enough versions for everyone.


I suppose that applies with bench ie you shouldn't do it on trouble shoot days?


Squat for you. Squat for everyone.