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Squat for 14 Y/O?


Hi Christian
My son is 14 and started lifting seriously last summer. He is very motivated and read a lot about it. You are one of his top reference when it comes to training. He read recently that 7 years ago you wrote that you were not recommanding squat for teenager because it was compressing the spine. Has your point of view changed?


When did I recommend that? Doesn’t seem right since I have used the squat with plenty of teens from various sports. In fact it is important for a teenager to learn all the key movement patterns. I probably did say that one should not use max effort squats when he is young, but it’s fine to squat


Glad to hear that, I told him to go with sets of 5,10 or 20 and not max out, but I am just his father :).

As for the reference he mentionned one of your video on you tube


I would not do 20… fatigue is just as bad as excessive loading on squats and deads… I’d stick to 5s, 8s and 10s… something like 3 weeks of 10s, 3 weeks of 8s, 3 weeks of 5… but always leaving about 2 reps in the tank


Ok thanks Christian,

For your info https://youtu.be/ceu5rcszJb8
It s in french, look around 2:15


Yeah I can see how that could have been confusing. This was referring more to younger kids. At 14 he is fine.