Squat Footwear

I read in the first Deadlifting article that Converse Chucks are proper footwear. What type of shoe should be worn for squats? It seems that Chucks provide no support that might be essential for squats.

Im pretty new to squatting, but I wear my converse, pretty comfy and flat.

I’ve had no problems with them.

i’ve heard good things about nike frees.
and although i love my nike shox more then anything they’re terrible to squat in. they force me to push off my toes.

I have a pair of werk-sans that I wear for squats and o-lifts. Wish I would have bought them sooner.

I dont’ ahve chuck taylors but I hear they support more than enough because you want to get your foot flat.
I have nike free’s and in one of the articles it says they’re good but no chuck taylors, but my nike frees are pretty sweet.
I want to order some werk-sans soooooooo bad but I don’t know how durable they are/ what they feel like and stuff like that anyone know what they’re all about…

IE: big heal?(hopefully not)
very durable? stuff like that

I’ve been squatting in cross trainers, and have never tried anything else… is this a really bad idea? If I get some Nike Frees will I be able to squat more/easier?

I recently started squatting.
I go barefoot.

come on lads -some of you guys have me worried.

Chucks are ok for wide stance squatting - not so good for conventional squatters.

Having a small solid heel is a good thing - look at weightlifting shoes: -


Adidas (watch out for a new brand come olympic time)

Power firm

avoid mucho stability shoes - you’ll end up being all over the place.
Alternatively a good pair of work boots ‘could’ be used. Not ideal but better than some of the stuff ive seen.