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Squat Flexiblity


I stopped doing as much squat flexibility work and now it's pretty tough to handle weight. I can air squat below parallel for a minute with no problem but as soon as I put an empty bar or even a broom I can barely get half way to parallel and it feels like I lean forward. Any ways to fix this?


The couch stretch has been the single most helpful stretch for building flexibility and movement in my squat (google it or look for it in mobility wod).

In general, look for mobility work that targets your ankles, psaoas or hip flexors, and glutes/hamstrings.

Try getting used to highbar squats and front squats. Try to imagine and feel the weight going down on your heels as you descend and when you snap up push from heels or inside of your feet and try to feel the weight in your glutes.

Mobility work is a lot like asking how to get a girlfriend – you can get all kinds of advice but eventually you just gotta put yourself out there. Use some videos to get some ideas on what to do, but you gotta just start doing new kinds of stretches and putting your body in weird positions.

There aren’t many rules to it (don’t do things that REALLY hurt), just what works and what doesn’t…

And do some fucking goblet squats.