Ive been a hardcore gamer since I was like 10 :stuck_out_tongue: and I havent had a P.E. class in over a year (not by choice… best class…when teacher isnt lecturing) so ive been on the comp alot and its really hurt my flexibility and I have trouble doing a squat with good form… any tips for improving flexibility? I think I might be better off learning stretches for my whole body just in case but w\e

search function my friend.

get weightlifting shoes. squat till your flexibility and strength increases.

but i personally like this stretch(ive no idea what to call it), where you stand up, and kick your one leg forward as high as possible without having your knee bend, or the rest of the body move(the move should be only at your hips… and your hands to keeep you stabilized), then as back as possible, and repeat 10 times or so. then with the left leg.

though thats kind annoying so now instead i just keep my knees locked out and bend my upper body as down as possible and then up a bit and down again(so its dynamic instead of static stretching)

it has worked a bit, but nothing seems to work for me as well as actually squatting

k thanks guys

there is a realy good article on this, search for it.

Sitting all the time smooshes yer butt until it’s compeltely inactivated/paralyzed. You have to mobilize it… search for glute mobility. Your glutes are actually the most powerful muscle you have and are incredibly strong once you get them into your lower body exercises everything becomes alot easier. If you had your giant ass muscle on your upper arm you’d be able to curl like 300 lbs and snap your arm in half. Yet people always ignore it and do curls. Except women who want to shrink it as much as possible.

Do yourself a favor and check out your internal shoudler rotation too if you cant rotate your hands behind your back with your elbows up you prolly got protacted hunched over shoulders too. Read the neanderthal no more article.

The squat rx videos on youtube have some stretches and ways to increase mobility, its one of the earlier ones (1-3).

Here is another one from a crossfit gym:
(the video called fixing the squat)

This might be the article on T-Nation that was referred to:

yoga will help you as well…do yoga squats daily

Here’s a link - YouTube

Squat flexibility is tricky to promote. Try ankle mobility stretches, a lot of the time folks neglect to think of this and only focus on leg ROM and hip flexation.

Find a wall, put one foot in front of the other in a long stride stance. Give yourself some room between the wall, now try to drive your forward knee towards the wall but DO NOT let either of your heels come off the ground. Hold for 30 secs on each leg.

This exercise helped get good deep squats without sacrificing form/technique. Another good thing to do is try lighter weight then usual and focus strictly on technique. Cheers