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Squat Flexibility Trouble

I’ve always been very inflexible, hell I’m about a foot off from touching my toes. I think that level of inflexibilty is ruining my squat form. Basically, when I try to squat the lower I go the more I lean forward. By the time my quads are parallel to the floor my torse is almost as well. Not good form at all. The only chance of having a vaguely normal looking squat, still dangerously bad form though, is if I widen my stance considerably.

What areas of flexibility am I lacking that makes my squat form suck so bad? Is it hamstrings? Ankles? Sure I can work on everything, but I would also like to really target the problem areas to speed up my process.

To me it honeslty sounds likle everything if you 1’ away from touching your toes.

Big time hamstring, and glutes. Maybe calfs. Id get to working now and also look at any and all Mike Robertson and Eric Cressy’s articles here.

I’ve just recently experienced exactly what you’ve described. I still can’t squat with a stance much wider than shoulderwidth apart if I want to go ass to the grass which is what I always aim for.

What really helped me was the article on soft tissue work for tough guys. Using the tennis ball to hit really tight areas like my ITB and hip flexors have made a world of difference and my felxiblity is constantly increasing. Also the lack of pain which used to accompy my squats has all but disappeared.

Hope that helps.

Try these…

Straight leg calf
Bent leg calf
Straight leg Hamstring
Bent leg Hamstring
Lower back
Teres major
Upper traps
Neck Extensors

search, search, search

Thanks guys for the help. I recently bought a foam roller (should arrive tomorrow) so hopefully that form of soft tissue work will help. Thanks again.

If you are that inflexible, maybe you should do dumbbell lunges with the emphasis on getting as full a ROM as you can. Also, work on SLDs with a full ROM (but do the with your lower back tight, not rounding forward). This way your lower body can get some work in, the SLDs will keep your lower back strong, and you can put off squatting until you have a ROM that allows safe squatting.

Overhead Squats. Lots of them. Start with a broomstick, slowly gradute to a barbell. These have helped my flexibility more than anything I’ve ever done.