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Squat flexibility, Hip Internal Rotation

After seeing the video on Spidey’s log about improving internal rotation/squat flexibility, I decided to try to improve my own. Problem is, the movements in the video I could not get to give me any kind of stretch.

I have very little internal rotation in my right hip, though it seems like I have quite a bit of external rotation. My left hip has some more internal rotation (still nothing impressive), but less external. I’m mostly concerned with my lack of internal rotation. My hips are pretty tight in general.

Does anyone have ideas for how to get some more mobility? I’ve been doing some google searches, and I’ve looked into Eric Cressey’s and Kelly Starrett. While they have great reputations, the couple movements I’ve tried of theirs have really only put a bunch of stress on my right knee. No real “stretch” feeling on my hip.

Anyone have some ideas?

Kelly Starrett’s book is full of awesomeness. The title is, uhm, odd, but the book itself is great. It is called “Becoming a Supple Leopard”.

It has whole sections with multiple mobility movements for hips, quads, hammies, glutes, the works.

I personally am about as flexible as cement, but I have made some progress with the book, and I plan on continuing with it.