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Squat: Father & Son

Squat working sets from our 6/2/09 leg day.

AJC: 20yr - 215lbs (410x3 - 410x3 - 410x10)
LHC: 46yr - 208lbs (410x3 - 410x15 - 320x20)

Followed By;
Leg Press
Flat Hamstring Curl
Low Cable Pull Throughs
45* Hyper / Seated Calve (Superset)

That warms my heart.

The family that squats together stays together.

Nice squats too.


You guys should start a log if you haven’t done so yet, seriously.

Good to see that your son is in love with the Iron and training hard as well!
And some very strong squatting, 410*15 is no small feat, old man :wink:

damn you are hosses

That’s some seriously good squatting…

I know a father-son combo that have done 715@220 as a master lifter and 550@165 as a junior!!

I would like to give my disclaimer before i start hearing it, cuz i know its coming.

Yes I chicken wing still but i am still learning to squat low bar and right now it feels like if i dont chicken wing the bars gonna roll right off my back. (by the way I am the son in this father son duo)

pretty cool…

my dad and I just curse at each other…

This is just fuckin awesome.

Thanks for the positive comments guys…it’s great fun training with the ‘fruit of my loins’!
We are getting A.J. ready for a meet in October. The training has been very productive to date (he got 8 reps w/500 on his rack/elevated deadlift last night after squat). Looking forward to the rest of the run.

Where are yall training at? Is that a home gym?

That’s great to see. There are a couple of father/son master/junior teams up this way.

I always dreamed of workig out and teaching my son how to work out so he become a beast and so he didn’t make the mistakes I did and making him speed train and become the best Running back he could be. Although I am only 16 and do not have a kid anytime soon but when I do.

[quote]JGerman wrote:
Where are yall training at? Is that a home gym?[/quote]

That workout was at ‘Big J’s Extreme Fitness’ in Red Oak. http://www.youtube.com/user/BigJsExtremeFitness

This gym is a true underground/hardcore gym. No air (it was 90 that night @ 7 pm), No heat, Plenty of iron, Quality machines, Loud music, Chalk, sweat, etc. There are bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongmen, and sports specific lifters. Everyone supports each other with encouragement and/or the occasional ‘kick in the ass’ whichever is appropriate. Great environment for those that embrace a hardcore approach to their programs. I love It!!!

Sounds like a great gym!

sorry to sound like a youtube guy but what is the song? I have to know.

[quote]stallion wrote:
Sounds like a great gym![/quote]

“Great Gym” is an understatement. I will soon be moving about an hour away for school where they have a state of the art facility free on campus and you better believe I’ll be making the drive back atleast once or twice a week to train there. I am a very externally motivated person in the gym, and you just cant beat blaring loud, insane music, and dirty rotten iron bein used by dirty rotten men!!

Some serious squatting.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!