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Squat Fail. Knee Problems

So my knee was buggen me from a torn meniscus. So I cut back of squats for while. I know I hated doing it but it had to be done the knee was killing me and not doing well on stairs.

So last week I was feeling better. I was primed for squats and thought wow what a great day. So I did my normal 135lbs warm up. That felt real good.

So I threw another plate per side on the bar and said 225 for 5 x 6(1rm is 365lbs). Lets rock it. I felt incredible. A day later my legs were nicely rocked. Felt good to be back at it.

So another day goes by and suddenly I notice numb spot on my leg. It feels like a local was given. It runs across the top of my quad and stops short of my knee. Never experiencing anything like this before I decide consult my Dr. He said I pinched a nerve. And to lay off anything that loads the spin including benching.

Anyone have experience in this? Anyone know if my Dr is full of it and is being worry wart?
I love to lift and if I can’t I am going to be miserable. Any advice would be great. Even the funny kind I could a pick me up.

Shit guess I will have to stop for a while. Man I hate when my Dr is right. :frowning:

have you tries any other leg stuff. squats are not imperative.

There has to be a way I can still work these. I could use some machines I guess. Just to keep them primed and loaded. That way I will not loose to much. I am not a fan of leg ext or machines but I guess I am stuck with them for a for a bit.