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Squat Excessively Eccentric

When maxing out i find i need to use an excessively slow descent, almost 4 seconds. Any ideas on how i can train my body to descend w/ more speed in the squat?


I’m thinking maybe going slow is how you are keeping the weight under control? I don’t think you really want to come slamming down if you are maxing out.

Heh, in any case, I’m sure to be thinking about it tomorrow night when I’m at the gym… as it’s going to be squat night. I want to make sure I’m not doing anything bad to my knees since they sometimes twinge just a bit the day after a heavy workout.

depends if you’re using PLifting gear or not; with a suit+wraps, 4 seconds is pretty common if not still on the long side… if you usually descend faster but cant do that with a maximal squat, push up the ab work (your core is weak and not able to support the weight fully) for 3-4 weeks and try another max and see if that helps.

i squat raw, lifting belt only. i guess that if i used gear it would take even longer. i must be doing something wrong.

It may not be “wrong”, but it might not be an Efficient movement. if you take too long descending, the stretch reflex at the bottom of the lift diminishes. So coming out of the hole is harder. Powerlifters sometimes take a while because the suit is made to help rebound the lift, therefore making the Descent slower. Try learning how to do dynamic work with Straight weight, or if your technique is good, with bands or chains. Good luck, for more details, PM me.

I think 4 sec eccentric is fine for maxing, if you’re using a weight more than 1.5x BW.

If you speed that up you may end up kissing floor