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Squat Everyday Experiment

Long story short, I’m lost training wise.I have no specific goals, neither too much drive to lift.All I know is
1.I wanna squat frequently
2.I wanna high bar squat a lot cause I always sucked at those
3.I wanna get a big af upper body

Here I’ll log my experiment of squatting everyday.I barely know anything about such method, so probably expect to see a lot of changes in my routine as I read more, get more experience and get advice from better/stronger lifters

Current high bar max is 120 kg/264 lbs

Bw is 176 lbs

The routine I have in mind is

Day1:Squat to a daily max (not a grinder) + drawback sets if I feel like it, 30-50 pullups, chest and shoulders
Day 2:Squat to a daily max…, 30-50 pullups, arms and traps
Day 3:Squat to a daily max…, 30-50 pullups

after 6 days I’ll make the necessary changes

As I’m typing, I realize I’m glad to be back here

I think squatting every day is silly, but I am also very glad you are back!


It probably won’t last long.At this point my high bar form feels weird, so I feel like daily squatting may be beneficial


Doing a movement daily is a surefire way to get more efficient at it.

Just make sure that if you notice a flaw in your technique you address it so you don’t end up teaching your body an imperfect way if doing the movement.

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High bar squats
20 kg x 20
40 kg x 8
60 kg x 2
80 kg (belt on) x 1
100 kg x 1
110 kg x 1
115 kg / 243 lbs x 1 I am looking down, which feels great but throws me forward sometimes
100 kg x 2 x 2

Bw x 5 x 6 Changing grips on some sets
Total pullups done:30

Wide smith incline press (3)
20 kg x 20
40 kg x 15,13,10

Low to high single arm fly
3 sets

Flat bench
20 kg x 15
60 kg x 13,9

Flies,cable at shoulder height
1 easy dropset

Dumbbell side laterals

Seated dumbbell press (6)
5 kg x ?
20 kg x 9
15 kg x 8, 6

Band facepulls


High bar squat
20 kg x 15
40 kg x 8
60 kg x 1
80 kg (belt on) x 1
100 kg x 1
110 kg x 1
115 kg x 1
120 kg / 264 lbs x 1 PR
90 kg x 3 x 3
Although not fully recovered, squats felt much smoother today

bw x 5,5,4,2,3,4,3,2,2
Total pullups done thus far: 60

Dumbbell curls
4 kg x ?
5 kg x 15
12.5 kg x 10
15 kg x 7
8 kg x 13
5 kg x 15

Preacher curls
10 kg x 15
20 kg x 8
10 kg x 20 x 2

Cable pushdowns

Jm presses
20 kg x 10
40 kg x 10,7

Overhead, single arm extensions
2.3 kg x 10,8

I hate high bar squatting with a passion but I also am glad you’re back .

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In for this log, good luck mate.
@Despade did do something called squatober were he was squatting every day at different % and reps.

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Last year I did a squat everyday routine for about 3 months. You can pretty much do anything everyday insofar as you can recover from it. In my own experimentation deloading about every 3
weeks allows one to bleed off fatigue and allows for super-compensation to occur. Different folks have different opinions about what a deload week should look like but for me I found really focusing on eating well, sleeping and foam rolling. If you are eating at a slight surplus I think you’ll be surprised at how strong you will be when you start your next 3 weeks on / 1 week off cycle. Rinse and repeat.


Glad to be back as well brother.I forgot the fun of being online with fellow meatheads

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Will check this out.Thanks brother

Past few days I was on a job trip and generally working 12+ hours, so I did only bodyweight stuff.I have to seriously rethink if squatting everyday fits my schedule atm

@danteism I’ll need your help here.You have experience with training for size with limited time.My job is selling phone numbers from table to table for 6 hours, 5 times per week, which leaves me kinda exhausted. How would you train for size under such circumstances ?

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So you have weekends off?
Is it possible for you to train before you go to work, how many days a week do you want to train and are you going to continue with squatting every session?

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Good luck with this man. I did a ‘Squatober’ experiment. Normally do 30 squats a week, circa 120 a month so I decided to get 500 squats in. By the month end I was proper fucked, fucked enough to bin any thoughts I had of Deadlift December :slight_smile: On the positive side, my form improved very nicely.

Good luck.

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For the time being I’ll leave squatting everyday aside.I can train up to 5 days per week.Not sure if I can always train before work, but I’ll do my best to hit the harder sessions before

My goal for now will be just to get bigger

I ll check your log asap.This sounds interesting af

I’m in kind of a rush here, but here ya go:

In that case, you could benefit from using a hybrid split, think:


The first two sessions could be done for lower reps and the last three could be done for a bit higher reps (no mindless pumping though)

You’ll want to keep the sessions short, so choose exercises that give you the most bang for you buck. Keep the exercise selection rather low but rotate them every 3-5 weeks.

As an example of how you could lay out your sessions:

Upper body: (3-4 sets of 4-6 reps or so)

1a A Bench variation (incline, paused, regular bench etc)
1b A pull up variation
2a A compound tricep exercise (close grip bench variation, dips)
2b A row variation
3 Face pull/Rear laterals/side laterals: pick one (higher reps)

Lower body: (3-4 sets of 4-6 reps or so)

1 A squat variation (zercher, front, back, deadstop etc.)
2 A deadlift variation
3 Some kind of leg curl
4 A calf movement (higher reps)

Chest/Back (2-4 sets of 8-12 reps)

1a A Bench variation, preferably with DBs
1b A pull up variation
2a Either another DB press or a fly
2b A strict row (think seal rows or cable rows to the neck with a rope)

Lower 2: (2-4 sets of 8-12 reps)

1 A squat variation (could also be a hack squat)
2 Stiff leg deads/good mornings etc
3. An optional movement for a weak point of yours (could be leg extension, leg curl, pull through, anything you need)
4. A calf movement (preferably a different one than what you did earlier

Arms/delts (2-4 sets of 8-12 reps)

1a A compound, but less intensive tricep exercise (JM press, dips, california press)
1b A hammer curl/reverse curl variation
2a An isolation exercise for triceps (skullcrusher, overhead extensions, etc.)
2b A curl variation (preacher curl, incline curl, BB curl)
3 Face pull/Rear laterals/side laterals

If you don’t want to squat twice a week you could split your leg days into a squat day and a posterior chain day, then your leg days could look like this:

Squat day:

  1. A squat variation (front or back, paused, regular, deadstop etc.)
  2. Assisting squat variation (Hack squat, zercher squat)
  3. leg press, split squat, lunge
  4. Standing calf raise

Posterior chain day:

  1. A Deadlift variation
  2. Stiff leg deads/good mornings
  3. A leg curl
  4. Seated calf raise

That’s just one (or two really) way to set it up. My point with writing this is that whatever you decide to do work really hard and choose the exercises that have the best result to time consumption ratios. The set/rep schemes are there only to give an idea of what I mean with low reps and high reps. Just do the amount of work that you can afford to both in terms of recovery and the time you have to spend at the gym. Also I’d rather see you only doing squats and deads on leg day instead of seeing you half-was them in order to have enough time to hit calves.

And, the most important thing: eat well and sleep well.

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Thanks a ton for that brother

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