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Squat Everyday Experiment


Long story short, I’m lost training wise.I have no specific goals, neither too much drive to lift.All I know is
1.I wanna squat frequently
2.I wanna high bar squat a lot cause I always sucked at those
3.I wanna get a big af upper body

Here I’ll log my experiment of squatting everyday.I barely know anything about such method, so probably expect to see a lot of changes in my routine as I read more, get more experience and get advice from better/stronger lifters

Current high bar max is 120 kg/264 lbs

Bw is 176 lbs


The routine I have in mind is

Day1:Squat to a daily max (not a grinder) + drawback sets if I feel like it, 30-50 pullups, chest and shoulders
Day 2:Squat to a daily max…, 30-50 pullups, arms and traps
Day 3:Squat to a daily max…, 30-50 pullups

after 6 days I’ll make the necessary changes

As I’m typing, I realize I’m glad to be back here


I think squatting every day is silly, but I am also very glad you are back!


It probably won’t last long.At this point my high bar form feels weird, so I feel like daily squatting may be beneficial



Doing a movement daily is a surefire way to get more efficient at it.

Just make sure that if you notice a flaw in your technique you address it so you don’t end up teaching your body an imperfect way if doing the movement.



High bar squats
20 kg x 20
40 kg x 8
60 kg x 2
80 kg (belt on) x 1
100 kg x 1
110 kg x 1
115 kg / 243 lbs x 1 I am looking down, which feels great but throws me forward sometimes
100 kg x 2 x 2

Bw x 5 x 6 Changing grips on some sets
Total pullups done:30

Wide smith incline press (3)
20 kg x 20
40 kg x 15,13,10

Low to high single arm fly
3 sets

Flat bench
20 kg x 15
60 kg x 13,9

Flies,cable at shoulder height
1 easy dropset

Dumbbell side laterals

Seated dumbbell press (6)
5 kg x ?
20 kg x 9
15 kg x 8, 6

Band facepulls



High bar squat
20 kg x 15
40 kg x 8
60 kg x 1
80 kg (belt on) x 1
100 kg x 1
110 kg x 1
115 kg x 1
120 kg / 264 lbs x 1 PR
90 kg x 3 x 3
Although not fully recovered, squats felt much smoother today

bw x 5,5,4,2,3,4,3,2,2
Total pullups done thus far: 60

Dumbbell curls
4 kg x ?
5 kg x 15
12.5 kg x 10
15 kg x 7
8 kg x 13
5 kg x 15

Preacher curls
10 kg x 15
20 kg x 8
10 kg x 20 x 2

Cable pushdowns

Jm presses
20 kg x 10
40 kg x 10,7

Overhead, single arm extensions
2.3 kg x 10,8


I hate high bar squatting with a passion but I also am glad you’re back .


In for this log, good luck mate.
@Despade did do something called squatober were he was squatting every day at different % and reps.


Last year I did a squat everyday routine for about 3 months. You can pretty much do anything everyday insofar as you can recover from it. In my own experimentation deloading about every 3
weeks allows one to bleed off fatigue and allows for super-compensation to occur. Different folks have different opinions about what a deload week should look like but for me I found really focusing on eating well, sleeping and foam rolling. If you are eating at a slight surplus I think you’ll be surprised at how strong you will be when you start your next 3 weeks on / 1 week off cycle. Rinse and repeat.