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Squat Every Workout

I just ran stronglifts 5x5 for 6+ weeks. I tried to go back to a bodybuilding split after, but realized that I missed squatting every workout.

What other powerlifting plans are there where you squat every time you walk in the gym? Thanks

Just add squats to the bb routine…solved.


Why did you stop strong lifts?

This is a different type of 5x5 and squats every work out.

I went from 135 to 265 and was making progress still but had a minor hip tweak followed by back tweak and haven’t been able to get back to the 5x5. Im doing supersquats now which is one set of 20 rep squat, increasing weight each workout. I think I’ll go back on 5x5 after I get back to decent weight. I’ll try the Texas method when I get stuck on 5x5. Thanks!

20 rep squats - yeah heard of that. Brutal.

Good luck fella.

Run Smolov

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Turns boys into men

Keep changing programs to kill progress


I am interviewing a guy that’s been squatting to a max every squat sessions (4+ times a week) for the last 2 years on my podcast soon. He has put about 60lbs on his squat while losing a ton of bodyweight. He is also completely insane. Should be good.


Sorry but outliers don’t prove anything. Anyone who has been around the sport for a while will tell you that there is always someone out there who can make progress on wacky programming.

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What? Who was this directed at?

I thought you were trying to find info for higher frequency squatting.


How do we find your podcast?


Take a look at @MaazerSmiit 's log. He works up to heavy squats like every damn day. I tried this method for a few weeks too and moved my squat from 375x1 to 440x1/405x3 in literally about a month. its all about managing fatigue and keeping your lower back healthy

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@lord_humongous Appreciate the shout out. Would 100% not recommend this guy trains like me, because the way I train is dumb and only works for me through some small miracle. For someone who is still squatting less that 400lbs and presumably doesn’t have the best technique ingrained (nothing personal) I don’t think squatting to a daily max is smart. I would recommend anyone interested read Greg Nuckols and John Broz’s work before trying to make sense out of whatever I’m up to in my log :laughing:

@jmanp, your best bet is to find a programme and stick with it. For at least 3 months. Believe in it and follow the process and watch progress happen.

Little confused as to why you’re asking for powerlifting plans when you’re “trying to go back to a bodybuilding split”.
If you’re doing a bodybuilding programme now, I assume your goal is size, so worrying about squatting frequency isn’t the biggest deal tbh, but if you do want to squat frequently that’s fine too.
@losthog is on the money when he says “just add squats”. Say you’re doing a bro split: push, pull, legs, whatever. Squat first every workout. Days your legs are tired, squat lighter or use a variation which limits how much you can lift (front squats, pause, etc). You don’t have to kill your legs with these squats every session, just use them to scratch a “squat every day” itch. Similarly, if you don’t feel like squatting, then don’t.

20 rep squats is a great programme, you can stick with that so long as it meets your goals and you make progress. Then go back to some form of 5x5 if that has worked for you before. But please stay on the programme for the time it deserves and don’t change up just because something weird sounding like “squat every day” seems interesting.


Yeah dude, I don’t know how you can keep that style up for long periods of time. You’re a Jedi, probably. I’ll probably go back to it as a peak cycle once I get closer to meet day.

If nothing else it’s just a fun log to read lol

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