Squat Every Day?

Hi guys.

In june i will reach 2 years since i started training powerlifting. To my grief i could not squat my main goal of squat 405 lb.
i used the bill starr 5x5 workout, the texas method and smolov, But my max squat is just 385 lb.

i have done variants of the squat, you name it, paused, box, negatives; some assistance: box jumps, hip thrusters, god mornings stiff legs deadlift. But in the end, 385 lb is the max.

I read squat every day from Matt Perryman. The book was great and i really like the idea of squat 5+ times per week. So i started doing this method last week. and i feel really good.

Nevertheless, i want to consult with you guys, if you think, this could help me to reach the 405 lb squat before june? or should i focus on other program, or any other recommendation that you have will be welcome, i’m getting really desperate to reach the 405 lb squat.

thanks for your help guys.

if your squatting 385 and jump on the squat everyday program and don’t hit 405 in a month tops there is definitely an outside limiting factor

besides that, being someone who is a frequency freak,ran smolov, and squatted everyday in a row for 60 days I can not recommend bulgarian training for a low to medium intermediate lifter. do as i say and not what i did lol. unless youve done some major research on how not to snap your shit up I’d limit how long i ran everyday squatting. I came off squatting everyday for 2 months with a 60 pound pr under my belt, but in a month of trying to relieve the pain and get my trianing somewhat back to my “normal” i lost 40 pounds on that end of cycle max.

point is, unless your making a commitment to do this for a long period of time AND have done major research on the topic Id try to find another alternative (rts intermediate program is money)

however since you’ve already started it im guessing your just here for support and tips lol.

  • be realistic, quickest way to snap city is pushing to hard to often
  • be a bad ass, the pain sets in like 2 weeks in,after a hump of just wanting to be in a ball and cry you will start to progress again to the land of prs, and the vicious cycle of pain to prs will continue
  • EAT, not sure of your weight but if you do anything besides try to grow with these ideas you will DIE

If you look on the main page, there is a thread titled “Bulgarian Method” where alot of this is covered.