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Squat/DL Technique Check.

Hi, it would be nice if you could give me some critique.
I know that i have to squat al little bit deeper. Next time then.

I wigh 64 to 66kg. not sure about that.

Max Squat
110kg http://media.putfile.com/PICT000143
115kg http://media.putfile.com/PICT000294
120 http://rapidshare.de/files/5921747/...t_0004.MOV.html
125 http://rapidshare.de/files/5922031/PICT0005.MOV.html
used kneewraps there

for the rapidshare links click on free and then wait until the countdown is over and then rightklick the link and save the file.

Max Deadlift
125 http://media.putfile.com/PICT000922
135 http://media.putfile.com/PICT001082

Thanks for the input. NExt week i’ll start sheiko and hope to increase the numbers, as my DL got stuck for some time. I think i respond better to high frequenzy.

I just saw the last Squat, but that seem a bit shallow, might be the angle, but i don’t think you would get that one on a meet. Might need 5-10cm deeper.

When it comes to technique (not that I’m an expert…), I would try to tighten up a bit before the descent and try to stabilize and make the decent more controlled and maybe quite a bit faster. You spend way more energy than needed when you go down so slow. I have seen world-class lifters that go that slow down, but they aren’t many. The way I prefer doing it is quite slow on the top, a dab from 20-30cm and down and max speed up.

The good things:

you keep your back nice! (maybe your hams are a bit tight/short, you get a rounding (just a little tendency) on the bottom) and you keep your knees pointed out during the entire lift, good!

first of all i would like to say it is very good that you have bothered to film yourself and put it on the net for other to speak their opinion.

i have some points i would like to make.

first of all, you are a bit shaky when you lift. how long have you been lifting ?

the squat i think looks decent. but there are some things you should change. you should be more tight. get pavel tsatsouline’s book power to the people and read up about tension of radiation.

you go down far too slow. go down a bit faster.

you should psyche up more before you lift, get some more focus, you seem very relaxed.

the deadlift is also not agressive enough. the bar is something that you shall fight, not something you should cuddle with. :slight_smile: be more determined, angry and pissed when you lift, and the results will come.

boris sheiko is high volume, although it has given me an increase of approx 30kg on the total both times i’ve done it.

this is the start of a great career, keep it up!

Your back position looks solid. You look very strong.

I think your squat depth needs to be lower. High frequency training would do you wonders. I think you need a little bit more practice with the technique.

For your deadlift, I would move your feet directly underneath you. Your arms should hang straight down when you begin your pull (i.e. perpendicular to the ground). If they are too narrow or wide, that is more lower you have to start. If you like your feet further out, use a sumo stance.

Relax your shoulders. I’m not saying to slouch over. You look like you are partially shrugging on the way up. You are making the lift harder than it needs to be.

Other than that you are headed in the right direction.


DL form is good. VERY slight bowing of the back on the way up, but not to near dangerous amounts or anything. Good lift.


Does it get annoying with those aerobics classes right there blaring in your ear?

Thanks for the deadlift video… I’m on my 3rd week ABBH I and I’ve been looking for a demonstration to improve my form on the deadlift. Looks good.

Thank you for your Input, folks.

I started my Sheiko routine this week and have a tremendous amount of soreness right now.

I really think that i’ll benefit from the high freqency and volume to get a better technique.

And yes, the aerobic classes really sucked, although there were some quite nice looking girls in there. :smiley:

Unfortunatelly i have to look for a new gym, as my university gym changed from a really cool iron dungeon to a gay wellness fitness metro studio.
Hard training not really appreciated and equippment not welcome.
Lol, I started doing sports last winter and I am workin out for 10 months but I was able to do 5 Reps with maximum weight in the Leg press. The new trainers don’t look like they have touched a loaded bar ever in their life.
I am so enraged right now.
Hell, they bought machinery for dozends of thousand ?, but they could not buy a few missing weights.