Squat, Dips and Pullups Only?

Its this time of the year and im going to focus solely on my squat. Aiming at 440 in 3 months. So I squat 4 times a week now. Is it sufficient to do squats, dips and pullups only for an overall good built physique?

Im also looking to become more athletic so I think this is a nice approach. dips and pullups will be mixed one day with weights and one day with more volume to stimulate growth.

No deadlifts since i squat so often.

Ironmind talked about the squat dip chin program. It covers a good amount of the body. Better than nothing, but you posted this in the powerlifting section, and such an approach would be a bad choice for powerlifting.

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dosent dip hit chest, tris and front delts, pullup bis, and lats? Thats lkike most upper body muscles you would want to hit?

Could possibly do variations with chins and pullups.

Im currently doing dips with 40 kg, if I hit 60kg dips I think that will greatly affect my bench pr for instance.

Powerlifting is the sport of the squat, bench and deadlift. With this current plan, you are not training 2 of the 3 competition lifts. That would be the issue.

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Okay, the issue here is i posted in the wrong section i think :P. Would a mod move this thread to the appropriate section? thanks.

im doing smolov, and people has reported increase in DL after smolov would it really matter if i did deads or not? what if my bench increase if i become very strong in the dips? Im not doing them directly, but they will most definitively complement the two main PL lifts.

If you’re someone whose DL goes up in line with your squat, Smolov might see you add pounds to your DL even without training it. If you need to train your DL in some form to drive you DL then Smolov probably won’t help your DL much. Not to mention the general consensus is that since Smolov is primarily a peaking program you’re unlikely to keep that much of the progress you add to your squat…

With dips helping bench, I would almost guarantee that doing dips only would not drive your bench much. Sure, they will make all the muscles involved in benching stronger but that’s a different kettle of fish compared to actually making your bench better. Doing tons of dips on top of benching, yes, I would think that could drive your bench very well. Dips alone not so much.

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Before i went to navy i could bench 385 at 220 or so , toward end of navy boot camp a did around 130 pushups in a row at 200 lbs.
When i got out of boot camp i could only bench 275 x2 or 3 reps. So in 10 weeks my bench went down 85 pounds or so after doing around 350 to 400 pushups a week. Hope this helps .
But i do believe if you concentrate on squats for a while their is carryover to deadlift.

For most people arms and shoulder width will lag with out direct exercises. But yeah can work.

I’d do military press/overhead variations over dips. Do mostly palms neutral/palms facing chin moves to avoid shoulders getting pissed off

Its possible this may work good enough but if your at a normal gym and not doing other things you should have a better reason. Usually over simplified programs like this are from not having access to certain equipment. The most minimal program I would ever do would have 4 for movements for upper body vertical/horizontal push/pull and then 2 for lower body quad/hamstring dominate exercise, the frequency on each can be different.

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well i read its not recommended doing anything else than squat during smolov. So adding two movements for upper body should be sufficient without burning out completely.