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Squat Depth / Form Check

Hey Nation,

Been out of lifting for a few weeks, first time doing legs in a while just wanted to get some criticism or opinions on my form

Thanks for reading


Do you have a video from the side? It’s probably the best angle to check form with squats.

From what I can see, you could stand to go lower. I try to go ATG, but I know it’s not for everyone. It’s look like you weren’t quite to parallel, though.

Also, your knees turn in on your way up. Your quads are taking most of the workload, and it should be sharing it with your glutes and hamstrings. Many people, myself included, could use more posterior chain strength in relation to their quads. If you make your backside a priority, I think it will help. Really try to sit down between your legs, and keep your foot pressure on the outsides of your feet (spread the floor).

Hope this helps. And I’m sure you’ll receive more feedback if you take another video from the side. There is only so much people can see from the back.

Alright thanks for the feedback man, I really appreciate it