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Squat Depth for 1st Meet

I have attached a a couple of pictures to see if you think I am parallel or below. I think the second is questionable.

They are both debatable if you ask me. If you are breaking parallel it is close. Also, these aren’t the greatest angles. The judges will be lookin from dead ahead or straight to the side. Maybe try pics at those angles?

I would say it looks like you are not reaching parallel in the 2nd pic. It is very hard to tell where the crease of your hip is though with all of your clothes being black.


From those angles, they both look debatable. Your best bet is to take a video from about knee height straight from the front.

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Cheers, I think I will start with 130kg to ensure I hit depth.

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I will to be sure and wear my singlet. :slight_smile:

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Yeah definitely have your opener be a weight you can destroy with absolutely no doubt about making the lift. Dont forget to listen for the squat and rack commands too.

Yes, I forgot to mention that. To find out if you’re hitting depth, film it and squat exactly like you would on platform.

Here is the squat recorded https://www.instagram.com/p/BMHnaOThQVK/

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In real time on that video it looks good. I would pass it. If you have trained to depth, just make smart attempts and listen for the commands on the platform.


Thanks you for your feedback :slight_smile:

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Yep, video looked fine. I would film from side on though just to be sure. Camera at knee height is ideal IMO.

You sound like you are in Europe, are you competing in an IPF-affiliated federation? They are pretty strict about squat depth, you don’t want to be more concerned about hitting depth than actually lifting the weight so sort that out first. My advice is to video from the side and have the camera on a level surface, it’s hard to tell where parallel is when everything is on an angle and you can’t see the hip crease from the front. Wear a singlet to make it easier to judge.

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Today was meet day. I did ok…

Weight group sub 93kg (my weight 87kg)

130kg - good lift
135kg- no good, as I re racked before instructed, was told it was a good lift, other than the technicality.
135kg - no good, didn’t hit depth

Bench press

80kg- good lift
82.5kg - racked before instructed… so no good
82.5kg - good lift

150kg,152.5 and 155kg- all good lift.

Total: 367.5kg only 600kg to qualify

I enjoyed it and will compete in the next open in spring.

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