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Squat Depth Critique



Just posting the attached, as I was hoping a few would be kind enough to provide comments on squat depth.

It felt atg, however viewing it on video it looks just below parallel. Thinking about it, I dont know if it was possible to go any lower without maintaing an upright position. Am I correct?

Just wanted others comments, as I dont want to just rely on what I feel as it also felt like a 10 second concentric rep, which obviously isnt the case.

(Dont know if its relevent but,Im around 5'11 when stood up perfectly straight - and I would say i dont feel particularly long limbed or short limbed...)

Thanks guys and gals,


Looks like when you stop the video at the lowest point you're actually slightly above parallel. The entire bottom portion of the lift all you're doing is shifting your knees further and further forward, you need to work on sitting back more and more and keeping you're shins more perpendicular to the ground.


Agreed, your squatting like an Oly lifter not a powerlifter. You are not near ATG... My advice would be lots of posterior chain work.


Agreed, your squatting like an Oly lifter not a powerlifter. You are not near ATG... My advice would be lots of posterior chain work.


Hit your core harder on top of the posterior chain. you should be able to stay up a little tighter.

one thing you can work on now is pulling those elbows down hard. when you come up your upper back isnt very tight and your elbows almost face the wall behind you. Make sure to also grab that bar harder, like your about to do a military press, you seem to have your hands pretty relaxed. get another vid from the front or back so we can see another helpful angle


need a much wider stance, you are using all knees to drive the weight up. Wider stance, drive the knees out...box squats for awhile.

Oh and deload the weight. You're posterior chain can't handle that much at the moment.


Eh, you can squat close stance if you want. Pull the elbows forward and stack your neck to tighten up your back. You may want to go a little wider so you can get between your legs instead of behind them, if that makes any sense. Might want to get some oly shoes if you're going to continue squatting close/med stance.


That is high. Consider widening the stance, toes out.



Ok guys thanks for the responses.

The truth hurts lol - but reviewing it I can see what you mean - sloppy.

Tbh im using a thumbless grip (dont know why - laziness probably), but the first thing ill look to sort out is to grip the bar, and focus on sorting the elbow issue.

I normally squat barefooted but I used pumps in this video. Ive been putting off getting some olympic lifting shoes for a while - ill sort this.

I feel I can squat slightly wide than in the video, however if i go wide like a traditional powerlifter my knees and legs feel completely unstable. I litterally feel like my legs are about to snap, even @ relatively light weight for me.

Olympic lifting syle feels much more natural. I know obviously therefore you may be wondering why i posted this in powerlifting, but my goal is to move as much weight as possible.

I can recall an artical where either Jim W or Dave Tate (cant remember which im afraid), said they squatted 800lbs oly style before moving to westside and being advised to change to powerlifting style.

Do anyone of you guys take a closer stance?


I take a medium stance. Heels just barely outside the hips.


There's nothing wrong with doing a narrow stance later on if that's where you're more comfortable. I'm saying just for now, take the stance out a bit, until your forced to use your hamstrings, glutes, and adductors more. Right now, you can tell that mind muscle connection is missing. As louie simmons says, you can always bring your squat in, but you can't always bring it out.


Ok, thanks for the feedback.

i guess its back to the drawing board.

Ill bring the stance out.

As for the core and tightening my upper body - that certainly sounds right as I never train abs or lower back directly. Time to start though i guess.



Stance width depends on levers, gear used, and what can take the most abuse over time.


Dont start immediately walking the weight back before you even stand upright. Finish your rep.