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Squat Depth/Critique?


Weight is 455. I just started using wraps, previous best was 445x3 without them. I'm not confident I can hit depth in a full wrap, so I've only been using a light wrap. So my main question is how borderline is that depth? Any other criticisms are welcome.


Squatting to a box (controlled descent, light touch) has made it pretty easy for me to lean a new, stronger pair of wraps, even with a tight wrap. Depth looked fine.


Depth is definitely good. You could go an inch or maybe even two higher and still be parallel.


OK, in that case I'll probably do a full wrap next week and see what I can do.

Grettiron-is that a main movement or as a warmup until you get to your heaviest sets? I think it would be good for me to do regardless, since my descent is pretty quick.


Hhonestly, from that angle, it looks like your knees come in quite a bit. Can you post a vid from the back?


I second this -- hard to tell but it looks like your knees cave in.

Your depth looks fine.


Yea, I'll take one from the back Monday. I had problems with knees caving in the past, but I have a narrow stance now and I'm pretty sure they're stable. I've squatted with a mirror here and there and it didn't seem to be a problem anymore. Would having a narrow stance make it appear that way?


I've done it both ways and both are valid. At the moment I'm working up with the box during warm ups and the first wrapped set, then ditching the box for the last two or so wrapped sets.

By the way, a controlled descent to touch is a great way to learn driving the knees out as well, I've found.

Gotta give credit to 2-SCOOPS for squat-to-box coaching.


Gabe and Frank-Thinking about it, I imagine my starting position sucks. I don't think my knees cave, but I also don't think they ever are pushed out as much as they should be. Hopefully you guys will see what I'm doing wrong when I take another video.

Grett-I'll probably add in some sets with a full wrap after my main sets with the lighter wrap. 2-SCOOPS is sick.


Usually if its both knees caving, its probably just more a cueing thing (or getting into a good starting position possibly). If its one vs the other, its prob a weakness or imbalance. Def post a video when you get a chance.


LOL. As they say, the tape doesn't lie. I don't know why my knees are doing that weird "s" thing. Suggestions? Does it look like a flexibility issue? Because that's about as wide as I can go comfortably.

Weight was 460. Definitely left a rep in the tank, but I got psyched out on the first rep after missing my groove pretty badly.


Not the best video angle, but from what I can see is almost looks like your knees cave starting with your ankles. Watch your feet in the vid. Tight calves? Lack of dorsiflexion? Work on those and see what happens.

Next time you do a vid, try to do it straight on (not angled down) and for 5 reps.


Thanks bud, that sounds like a great start. I have terrible dorsiflexion and have never thought to stretch my calves.


No prob.

Roll them with a lacross ball or "the stick"
Pike Calf Stretch
Wall ankle mobs

Give those a shot and see it it helps. It may free up your ankles and make other tightnesses/weaknesses more apparent if there are any.


From what i can see at this angle i can point out a few things ( my squat isn't anything to write home about so i mean you can take my advice or leave it). For starters, depth looks fine but if your concerned about hitting lower try widening your stance just a smidge. second, your hips arent under the bar and your back isnt arched, your body isnt in an upright position. your knees look really unstable, focus on them running a straight track with the direction your toes are pointing. focus on spreading the floor with your feet.