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Squat Depth Check



It’s a little hard to tell b/c you’re wearing pants, but my read on this is that you’re a little high to pass muster in a meet, although it really depends what federation you’re lifting in (personally, I think a lot of meets have become really soft on depth, just based on what I’ve seen posted to YouTube).

Freeze-frame your lift at 0:28 or 0:29 of the video. At your lowest point, the line between your knee and your hip-crease might be considered “parallel” but it looks borderline to me.

Any thoughts from someone who’s been PLing regularly?


You need a better camera angle and different pants. It would be better if you film directly from the side and lower, the plates cover the top of your knee at the bottom of the squat. Based on what I see, it is borderline at best for IPF rules, other federations like RPS would probably give you white lights. It depends on what federation you are going to compete in.


First rep Red. Second rep very close, depends on the judge.

Edit. I know you weren’t asking for form help, but you have a lot of hip stuff going on at the top, both when you descend and lockout. Have you tried a belt? Does it clean any of that up?


I appreciate any input you have regarding the hips, what am I doing wrong


Thanks for all the replies, looks like I gotta sack up and go lower


I dunno if i hit the right reply thing, what should i do w/ the hips?


Well to me it seems like you are overarching to start the movement. Then when you are locking out your hips kind of tuck back under. Think neutral spine, not arch.


First rep, high as a kite. Second rep 1/2 high. If both of these were taken to legal depth you maybe had a single. You would be surprised how much difference that last inch makes.

Technically your bar position seems high, you elbows are raised waaaay up at the top, and you seem loose. Please use a belt on the heavy stuff. You haven’t earned the strength to do max doubles without a belt.